Thursday, July 30, 2009


Buttons, Buttons
By Dreamhaven

They come in all colors,
All materials, too.
Plastic and stone
To name just two.
They are carved out of bone
Or a shell from the sea.
Jewels, brightly shining,
Even wood from a tree.

Not just on shirts
Blouses or dresses,
They also are used
On hats and in tresses.
A decoration or
The eyes on a toy.
Teddies, especially,
For both girls and boys.

This is really for Thursday
Though Friday is here.
I'm sorry my head's
Not especially clear.
It's the best I can do.
Sweet dreams, my dear.


  1. Nice post!

    (I was getting worried. You're one of four TT posters who hadn't put their entries up yet. Hope nothing's seriously wrong.)

  2. Also:

    1. I saw your comment on my blog. Just a cable? Glad to hear it.

    2.Your "Google time" is off by three hours! ;-)

  3. so, Sometimes we're late. Life trumps the sceen...Yours' was worth waiting for. -Jayne

  4. Hey! This is pretty cool! And no worries about posting...I've been having problems the past couple of days. Maybe the humidity has gotten to everything, dunno...

  5. grace freely given...who cares what day it is. (unless you post early, then you get the comments about how you mess up the feng shui and all) wonderfully worthwaiting for.

  6. oh so nice

    and hello!
    and yes, I'd love to do a button swap with you!
    off on holiday, maybe towards the end of August when I'm back?


  7. Better late than never! :) Nice poem!

  8. nice to meet yo. I am so horrid at poems. Good for you!!

  9. I like this!!

    I had blogger issues and posted late too!
    Good TT, even if on Friday!