Saturday, July 4, 2009

The fourth of July is such a special time to me. My dad was very involved in the VFW and the American Legion. He had a great love for our country and the service men and women who keep us safe. He was the editor of the VFW newsletter for many years, as well as moving up in the ranks to Senior Vice Commander. He would have made Commander but he was diagnosed with Alzheimer's when he was only 54. He was 60 when he died.

The newsletter was a family project, with my sister doing the typing of the originals (I can't remember what they were called) but we turned them on a drum to make copies. The rest of us stamped and adressed over a hundred envelopes, stuffed them, sealed them and sent them on their way each month. I also contributed to the chaplin's corner with my poetry.

This was one of my contributions.


White, black, yellow and brown,
These are the people
Of our city and town,
Our state and our nation,
Our continent, our world,
Wherever you find
A flag that's unfurled.

But is this our world?
This war-torn place?
Nation against nation,
Race against race,
Brother against brother,
Father against son?
When will these foolish
Wars ever be done?

Our word must be true
To both foe and friend
If we're e'er to be sure
That wars will end.

I love you Dad.


  1. a fitting tribute to your dad..are the end of wars a dream? i guess we can hope. happy 4th!

  2. Nice tribute and so true ( sad isn't it? ) I too, know the loss of a father, at so young an age. Pop never really got to enjoy his retirement from the Air Force...he was 56. I've had my tributes up and then some. It feels good to do this, doesn't it? I can hear fireworks, in the distance...

  3. Wow, very nice, esp. considering you were just a young'un when you wrote it. Did your poems ever get any feedback from the readers of the newsletter?

  4. subtorp: My dad was in the Army/Airforce. He was sent to Germany after the surrender to help "clean up" Never talked about it that I can remember.

    Silver Fox Not from the poetry but I did win the Voice of Democracy one year. I even planned to go into the Airforce, but got married instead. Should have joined the Airforce.

  5. I enjoy your poems, you really should do our rhyming wednesday thing with Subby and me and a few others!