Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Summer Love

Have you ever had a summer love? A chance encounter, a moonlit swim, love in the water , another whole way of viewing a relationship. You dared something you would not usually do, because you'll never see them again. Or would you? For your enjoyment, I present.

In search of Romeo

Juliette was on summer break from college. She needed a job badly because her tuition went up and her scholarship wasn't going to be enough for the next semester. She checked the job board in the dormitory and found something that called to her. She was a music major with a minor in medieval instruments. The job was for a troubador for a ren faire opening that weekend.

Juliette applied for the job, then spent the next 2 days waiting by the phone, praying to all the gods she could think of that she get this chance. She almost missed the call (thank God for answering machines) asking her to come to the faire for an audition that afternoon.

She saw a long line of applicants waiting in line and her heart fell to her knees. She didn't think she had a snowball's chance in hell, but was still determined to give it her best shot. Juliette tuned her mandolin and hummed a few songs to get her voice ready, but her throat was as dry as dust. She was dying for a drink. The person in line behind her tapped her on the shoulder. She turned around and thought she died and went to heaven. He was magnificent, with rugged features and long black hair that made her want to wrap it around her hands and pull him in for a kiss. He was offering her a bottle of water and had to repeat himself before she stopped staring and accepted his offer. "My name is Vidda" he said. "Good luck, those judges aren't easy to impress."

It was her turn next. Fighting the urge to run, Juliette stepped up to the stage. She sang from her heart, a voice to lure and entice, one that makes one forget everything but the singer. The music ebbed and flowed, making a person one with the song. She had chosen a song of her own creation. These are her words.

Heart Strings

If I give you my heart,
Take it from the glass,
You must treat it tenderly.
It's been injured in the past.

The tiny cracks and fractures
Can be healed with your love
Tilll I'm truly whole again.
Till we fit like hand and glove.

It's hard to trust,reach out again,
So many fears I face.
So many painful memories
That I must now embrace.

You give me strength to try again.
We aren't meant to be alone.
One heart, one soul, one body,
Love brings me safely home.

Heart strings,
You're playing my heart strings.
Tune them gently, one by one.
Till we blend in harmony,
Till our song is sung.
Heart strings .

There was silence so intense it hurt. The judges were conferring with each other. Then applause broke out, starting with Vidda. The judges all agreed that it was an impressive performance, making her one of the top 3. As she stepped down her eyes searched for Vidda, but he was gone.

All of the top 3 were hired. Suddenly it was opening night and Juliette was facing a grove full of strangers. As she climbed the steps to the stage she saw him. Vidda stood at the back, leaning against a tree. Gazing into his eyes, she sang to him, so glad that he was there.

After the performance, Vidda came up to congratulate her. He also had a job, making swords in a tent across the compound. He smelled of wood smoke and hot steel. Juliette thought if someone could bottle that fragrance, they would make a million. He invited her back to his personal tent for a glass of wine. She accepted and they strolled into the woods.

At his tent, he started a small campfire, spreading out thick blankets so they could be comfortable. Vidda put his arms around her as they sipped their wine and gazed into the fire.
He asked about the inspiration for her song. Juliette told him about her past romance with a man who was not what he appeared to be. She fell hard for him, only to find out he was married and wouldn't even think of getting a divorce. He called her his "little diversion" and laughed at her.

Juliette started to cry. Vidda held her close and started stroking her hair. It felt like satin to the touch, as beautiful as her name. She looked up, her lashes sparkling with tears. Vidda leaned forward and kissed her eyes, then her cheek, trailing kisses down her neck. She reached out and entangled her fingers into his hair, pulling him in for a kiss of her own, feeling the hunger build between them. As they slid down on to the blankets, she knew she wanted him, even if it was just for tonight. He played her as well as any instrument, finding all her most erotic zones, bringing her closer and closer to the edge, finally bursting into notes of music.

She stayed the night, held closely in his arms, not wanting the night to end. When they awoke, he told her that she was the most beautiful and unique woman he had ever met. She could feel that there was something more he had to say.

"I have to leave today. I was just filling in for a friend at the faire and he's arriving this morning.", Vidda said. "Last night was very special to me. I wish I didn't have to go, but my job would only give me this time away. I'm looking for something else and when I'm settled, I will find you"

Juliette nodded, unable to speak as he walked away. The rest of the faire went well, with the organizers offering her a place at next year's faire, but she still caught herself looking for him in every crowd, hoping he would return before the faire ended.

Juliette was in line at college, signing up for her classes. She had one space left on her schedule that she needed to fill. In the list of available classes, she saw one on sword making. She thought about Vidda, smiled, and signed up. The teacher's name was David Skywater.

She entered the class on the first day and glanced around, wondering which one was the teacher. One of the other students pointed him out. He was standing with his back to the room, writing on the blackboard. He looked familar. As he turned around, she realized it was Vidda!!!
He saw her then and opened his arms. Juliette stayed where she was, not quite sure what to do.

"When I found out where you went to college. I couldn't stay away" Vidda said, his eyes on her face. "When this position opened up, it was like a sign from God that we were meant to be together. I hope you feel the same way." Juliette said,"When you left, I felt lost and more than a little sad. Now that you're here, I'm finally home." They both realized their summer love was a love for all seasons.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Under This Roof

Just what is a roof? They come in all shapes and sizes, from the practical to the truly unique or just plain wierd. They keep out the weather (when they don't leak) and add the finishing touch to the exterior of the home. I tend to take a more personal view, so for your enjoyment I present " Under This Roof".

Under this roof
You will find
Love and laughter
And peace of mind.
A family made
Of lovers and friends
Parents and children
Souls on the mend.

Under this roof
There will always be
A place for you
Where you can be
Certain to find
Unconditional love,
A listening ear,
A place to bring
Your hopes and fears.

Under this roof
Life goes on ,
From birth to death,
From dusk to dawn.
A place to dream,
A place to grow,
From which you may
Eventually go.


Under this roof
There will always be
A place for you,
A place for me.
And all the love
That life can hold
A resting place
More precious than gold.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Swing a Day

A Swing A Day

What part of childhood do most people recall? They want to relive the good times , with good friends. Swings are a very simple pleasure, not needing thought, just a little effort on your part (or a friend, or a lover) to send you soaring above the ground, always returning to a safe harbor. Unless, of course, you were more of a risk taker, letting go of the swing at the top of the arc, flying through space to land in triumph on your feet.

Soaring through space
With an effortless glide
I flew like a bird.
Not a care in the world
Going higher and higher.

Swifter and swifter,
Watching the sky,
I pumped harder and harder.
Not thinking, just being
Gossamer light.

Surrendering the chains
While at the top of my arc,
I flew into the air.
Never thinking about the
Ground far below.

Safely I landed.
With a victory cheer,
I raced back to the swing
Needing another
Grasp at the ring

Monday, June 8, 2009

Is there a cougar in your tank?

Anyone ever wonder why there are no songs about older people? After all, we don't simply vanish into the woodwork when we hit 35. Plenty of us have a lot of love and experiences to share. We exist, not in a vacume but in the very fabric of the here and now.

Many older people become even more worthwhile as we age. So many don't have the time to discover themselves until after the kids have flown the coop. I don't only refer to the women, but the men as well.

I found more about myself after my divorce. I was told I was worthless and no one would ever want me. Guess what? My ex was so wrong!!!!! I've enjoyed the company of several men over the past 10 years and found that I could be valued for who I am, not what someone thought I should be.

So with that said, I wish to submit for your opinion.

Two Steps Forward

There may be snow on the roof
But the furnace is roaring
You can call me each night
But you won't call me boring
There's a lot to be said
For the woman mature.
Still deserving of passion
Still has her allure
I'll never see fifty
Unless I look to the past
I've kept the treasure
And thrown out the trash
My senses take flight
At the touch of your hand
Experience is spice
I've had it with bland
I'm ready and willing
To chance love again
If we start out as friends
Who knows how it'll end

When all is said and done, life is a trip. Enjoy it.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

In need of an angel

The Women's Aglow retreat is a Christian women's retreat that I went to for many years. It was a chance to relax, find peace and find God ,whom I seem to frequently misplace in the frantic pace of my life. I enjoy writing Christian songs and poems, although I'm not very prolific. I could always count on God giving me at least one during retreat time. This retreat was a little different.

I also enjoy exploring my creative side in many other ways. I was working on angel dolls at this particular time. I used dolls that I found at flea markets and yard sales, crocheting the dresses and making the wings from wicker butterflies, satin and lace. I was working on an angel when the retreat time rolled around, so I took her with me to complete.

I had put this particular doll in the wash as her cloth body was soiled. She had red hair in a ponytail and bright blue eyes. When I took her out of the machine, I found that not only was she clean, but her eyelashes had fallen off. This didn't bother me as I knew they would be simple to replace.

This was a weekend retreat. On Friday night I set about completing my angel. She still needed her wings, bloomers and eyelashes. I only got as far as her wings before I went to bed.

Saturday morning was a busy time, going to classes. The speaker that morning spoke of his Jewish heritage and blew the ram's horn. He also talked about angels and how we all had a guardian angel watching over us. As he spoke, I started to feel that the angel I had brought with
me needed to be given away to someone at the retreat. This was someone who had a strong need to hold her guardian angel in a physical sense. I was also not to complete her, leaving her without her bloomers and eyelashes. Anyone who knows me knows that this was difficult, as I tend to be a perfectionist with my creations.

God also gave me a psalm at this time which was to given to this person along with the angel. It is called "God's Grace".

You don't have to wait until you are perfect
To send His message forward.
He can use your imperfections
To reflect His precious light.
People need to see
That you can be
Perfect in Him
And in sharing your
Bless others.

For they will see
That He can see
Past your outward roughness
To the needs in your soul.

Even a diamond needs to be faceted
By cuts and blows
To bring out it's true beauty.
So shall your soul be polished
In the cuts and blows
Of your trials and tribulations.
He polishes the mirror of your soul
With his love,
Allowing others to see His reflection
In you.

I brought the angel and psalm to the speaker after the meeting, asking for prayer so that the angel would go to the right person. I showed him the psalm first. After reading it he asked "is this for me?" meaning the psalm. I then noticed that his skull was deformed (imperfect). I told him I would be glad to make him a copy. I noticed a lady standing outside the meeting hall with her arms loaded with books and notebooks. I asked her for some paper, explaining what it was for. When she put down her books I noticed that one shoulder was higher than the other. She also requested a copy of the psalm anhd suggested that I aske the front desk to make copies. They made me 5 at no charge.

I carried that angel with me wherever I went Saturday. People had many suggestions as to whom she should go to, but none struck me as being the right one. Sunday morning, I continued my search. As we were sitting at breakfast, my aunt said she knew who it had to go to. She was staying with a friend at the convention. The friend had a teenaged daughter there who had just recently left a satanic cult. One of the things she did (in the cult) was to cut herself with knives. She had been doing really well until the night before, when she again found a knife and was cutting her arms. She felt that God couldn't possibly want her now that she had backslidden.

I walked around the table where we were sitting and placed the angel in her arms, then handed her the psalm. I explained that her angel wasn't perfect because God wanted her to know that His love for her wasn't dependent on perfection.

I only saw her briefly after that but I heard from several other people that she kept her angel with her constantly and was much happier. About a month later, I got a phone call from my aunt requesting another copy of the psalm, as the girl had lost her copy. I sent the copy to my aunt, knowing that God's love was continuing to work in this girl's life.