Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Have you ever embraced your wild child? The spirit inside you that wants more than a tepid, humdrum life? She leads you down dark hallways and unfamilar groumd, daring you to take those steps beyond what is safe and known. Love can be that way too. The wilderness of human relationships can be the most frightening and rewarding of all. So for your enjoyment I present

Step Towards The Wild Side

I am afraid
But in my darkest night
I know I can reach out
To find the light
Of your love

I am unsure
But in spite of all my doubt
I know that you will be there
To support and help me out

I have been blind
Looking all around but not seeing.
Your love opened my eyes
To the beauty in just being

I was deaf,
I listened without understanding
You opened my ears to the music
Of laughter and whispered words
Of love.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Is there a cougar in your tank?

Anyone ever wonder why there are so few songs about older people? After all, we don't simply vanish into the woodwork when we hit 35. Plenty of us have a lot of love and experiences to share. We exist, not in a vacume but in the very fabric of the here and now.Most older people become even more worthwhile as we age. So many don't have the time to discover themselves until after the kids have flown the coop. I don't only refer to the women, but the men as well.

I found out a lot about myself after my divorce. I was told I was worthless and no one would ever want me. Guess what? My ex was so wrong!!!!! I've enjoyed the company of several men over the past 10 years and found that I could be valued for who I am, not what someone thought I should be. So with that said, I present,

Two Steps Forward

There may be snow on the roof
But the furnace is roaring.
You can call me each night
But you won't call me boring.

There's a lot to be said
For the woman mature.
Still deserving of passion,
Still has her allure.

I'll never see fifty
Unless I look to the past.
I've kept the treasure
And thrown out the trash.

My senses take flight
At the touch of your hand.
Experience is spice,
I've had it with bland.

I'm ready and willing
To chance love again.
If we start out as friends
Who knows how it will end.

I know this is early, but it get difficult to find time before work, since I work 11-7.
There may be occasional bumps along the way, but when all is said and done, life is a trip. Enjoy it.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I've got rhythm

Songs and music through all eternity echo the balance we seek in life. The rhythm can soothe the spirit and inspire the heart. A good song can rally the troops, make you fall in love, give a foundation for a cause or political rally. There is rhythm throughout life as well that can be fast and furious or slow and relaxing. For your enjoyment I offer

Life Rhythms

A mother holds her fussy child
And sings a lullaby
To calm her down, ease into sleep.
Closes her little eyes .

The ocean waves come into shore
In a rhythm as old as time.
The moon above affects it's flow
Raising and lowering the brine.

A single step begins the dance,
As one, the couple begins.
Weaving and flowing around the floor
Perfect rhythm till song"s end.
A kiss.

A call goes out,loud and strong
And then the cadence starts.
The troops call out as they march down the road.
The rhythm stirs the heart.
To battle.

The most primal rhythm of all begins
When two lovers kiss.
Stroking, caressing ,building the flame.
Til they meet the heights of bliss.

The sun goes down, the moon comes up,
The rhythm changes slowly.
The music of wildlife stirs emotions
Could be calm or scary.
Dark woods

This is the end for me.
The rhythm of my life
Has determined I must got to work
And so I say good night.
Sweet dreams.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

It all begins here

What a wonderful thing, beginnings. So many ways to go with this. Everything ever written or lived had a point where it started, and a point just before, where it did not yet exist. For your pleasure, I offer,

Once Upon A Lifetime

Beginning, it can be played so many ways.
The first note of a song, your wedding day.
Dawns first light, rays warming the earth.
Very special, your children's birth.
Their life beginning, your hand to guide
Their first steps on the ground outside.

A poem or story has it's start
In a thought or word
From your mind and heart.
Or could have had it's beginning
In a dream at night
That leaves your heart
Racing in fright.

A plant begins from
A seed in the ground.
Some sun and some rain
And soon it has found
A way to break through,
To reach for the sky
First a leaf, then a flower,
And seeds, by and by.

A journey begins with a single step.
One after another until you get
To the journey's end, met your goal,
Only to find a new road unrolls
To take you to places you've never been.
A challenge, and so you start again.

From birth to death,
From beginning to end,
If you have someone to share with,
A lover or friend,
Life holds new beginnings
You need not fear.
May your burdens be light
And your way be clear.