Monday, July 6, 2009

second strand

Many changes over the past 5 years. Relationship changes, families grow, new job. New is scary but I'm trying to embrace it rather than fear it.

A New Beginning

I have come to understand
That each part of my life
Has a begining
And an end.
The begining can be scary,
Paths and worlds uncharted,
So many choices
To add color and flavor
To a negative
Waiting to be developed.
Doors and windows
To sights and sounds,
To love and pain,
A gift of friendship
Always to be treasured.
Echoes from the past
To comfort and warn me
That I may need to
Before traveling a road
That seems
All too familar.
Because the ending
Is so painful to do.
The bad but known
Less frightening in it's way.
But I will take that first step
Towards healing
Towards life
Towards love.


  1. I love writing that is from the heart!

  2. Some people hate change. Those that do can often enter into a situation that will probably end badly -- as a similar situation did before it -- just because the familiarity of the "new" situation makes it feel comfortable, although potentially negative.

    If that makes any sense...