Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Outside Delivery

This is another poem from my youth. Enjoy.

Outside Delivery

Pacing up and down,
My best friend and me,
Wearing a hole in the rug
Outside delivery.

One coffee after another
Oh gosh, oh gee, oh me.
I am simply going insane
Outside delivery.

Each passing nurse I stop,
"Is there any news for me?"
"No?" Then I resume my pacing
Outside delivery.

The last nurse I stopped
Said "Your wife is fine, Mr Bea
And so are your fine triplets
Inside delivery."

"How many did you say?
Not one, not two, but three?"
Then I passed out on the floor
Outside delivery.


  1. ha. wonderful. such tension with birth. we had such complications with our first i was on my knees outside delivery. great post.

  2. Great post for rhyming Wednesday. Three? For real? Bless you.

  3. Too cute! My sister, Betsy, has triplet sons.

  4. To Brian : Prayer is a grat way to get through delivery
    To Rhonda: 3 yes. All at once? Not in my universe
    To Otin: ty kind sir

  5. HA! Now I know what my brother was going through! But three different times...I like how you've rhymed in with "delivery", nice :)