Friday, May 14, 2010


My computer (3 months old) is in the shop,so I'm doing this on a friend's laptop. What is wrong with my computer is truly a mystery that will(hopefully) be quickly solved.
Some of my favorite books to read are mysteries. I love shows like Bones and NCIS. If things have gone missing, it's a mystery that must be solved.

In Search Of

One step,two steps
Three steps,four,
I worked my way
Across the floor.
Seaching high
And searching low.
Where oh where
Did that foolish thing go.

Under the couch,
Behind the door,
On top of the table,
How many more
Places are there
For that thing to hide.
I must find it
I have my pride.

The tv taunts me,
I can't watch my shows.
Where oh where
Did that remote go?
I'm slowly going
Out of my mind
I must get some help
Of a special kind.

I turned to my tot
And said quite clear,
"Winry,is my remote near
Any place that you played,
Any place that you sat?"

She gave me a look
And went straight to her box,
Dived into her toys
Had that remote
In a shot.

"Horray" I cried,
And turned on the set.
Snuggled on the couch
With my tot and her pet.
Mystery solved and sanity reigns.
Don't want to go through that again.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Think Pink

How can a person think about pink and not think about Mother's Day. As a matter of fact, it's this Sunday, May 9th. I have so many reasons to be glad I'm a mom. Even though there has been much turmoil in their lives, my children have shown their true inner beauty time and time again. I am also graced with three wonderful grandchildren, 2 girls and a boy, each with their own special talents and ways of showing love. My only regret this Mother's Day is that my sister is not here with me, expecting the birth of her first grandchild. I hope that my niece will let me stand in for her from time to time.

Pretty In Pink

I gazed in wonder at her nose,
At all ten fingers
And ten little toes.
Skin as pink as a new dawn sky,
I gazed into my baby's eyes.

In her first pink blanket
As soft as a cloud,
I wrapped her carefully.
And held her out
For her Dad to hold.
A newborn life
More precious than gold.

But strangely enough
As my daughter grew older
Her view of pink
Grew colder and colder.
She hated Barbie
And all her pink stuff.
She rather run and fish,
Play ball and be tough.

Don't get me wrong
She's a girl through and through
She wore dresses of other hues.
But to pink she would say,
"No thank you."
That's not who I am,
I am my own self.
You can just put that pink thing
Back on the shelf.

Now she's a mom
And her daughter does not
Follow Mom's footsteps.
She likes pink a lot.
She's a little beauty,
So pretty in pink.
Even her mom must agree,
But only in small doses,
If you please.