Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A ghost of a chance

Marion stood by her beloved's grave. She couldn't understand why he was there, not her. If she hadn't been wrapped up in their wedding plans, she would have seen the truck that had jumped the curb. Robin raced forward and pushed her out of the way, getting hit by the truck and flung into the building. Marion would never forget that awful sound. She knelt by him, weeping, begging him to stay. He opened his eyes one last time and said "I love you, I'll always be with you."

Marion returned to their apartment and sat on the couch. Feeling restless, she turned on the tv. They were playing one of the older versions of Robin Hood. As she sat watching it, the face of Robin began to change, morphing into her Robin's face, saying "I love you, I'll always watch over you" She gave herself a shake and looked again, seeing only what was in the movie on the screen. Sighing, she turned off the set and went to bed.

Months passed. Marion went through the motions of her life, unable to find pleasure even in her photography. Nothing seemed to click, the photos excellent but without her usual flair. "When is this pain going to stop?". Marion cried, still feeling the empty void her life had become. She was sitting at her computer, working on her most recent set of photos. Suddenly she sat up and leaned forward to look more closely at the screen. There, behind her model , stood a blurred image. As she adjusted the settings, she realized it was Robin standing there. She opened another file of her photos, finding him in many of them, each time just a little more clearly.

Marion shut down her computer, shaking... yet strangely comforted. He did say he would be always watch over her. But no one else saw him. Her photos became more and more exciting and dramatic, leaping out at the viewer. She was approached by a gallery who wanted to have an exhibit of her works. Agreeing to their most generous terms, the date was set.

Marion sat at her vanity, putting on her makeup. Looking into the mirror, she saw Robin standing behind her, smiling. As she turned around, he faded away, saying "I always knew you could do it, Marion. Keep your heart and mind open for possibilites." She called out to him, but he was gone.

The exhibit was a big success, with many of her photos selling quickly. Marion wandered through the crowds , talking and smiling, still feeling very alone. She came upon one man, staring intently at one of the photos. He felt her presence and turned around.

"Did you do that on purpose?," he asked, turning back to the photo.
"Do what?" Marion asked.
"Double expose the photo?"
Marion stared at the photo, realizing it was one in which Robin appeared.
"Tell me what you see" she asked.
As he turned back to her, she felt strangely drawn to this man. His brillant green eyes seemed to say he felt it too.
"There is a man, slightly out of focus, standing in front of that ruined castle. He seems to be smiling."
"No one else has ever seen him but me" Marion said softly. "How is it that you can see him too"
"I don't know. Do you believe in love at first sight"
"I didn't, but I do now." Marion whispered. "What's your name?"
"Robert, but my friends call me Rob"
Marion stared behind him, not quite believing what was happening. There was Robin, smiling.
"Be happy," he said, as he slowly faded from view. "I know I'm leaving your heart in safe hands."

A Ghost of a Chance.

Once upon a time,
Without reason,
Without ryhme,
Life was changed.

Between one heartbeat
And the next
Life became
Much more complex.

I didn't know why.

Beloved gone,
My life so gray
That all I could do
Was kneel and pray.

Slowly healing,
Come to find
Another love.
Spirits bind


My lost love smiles,
And then I see
My new love stands
Beside me.

A ghost of a chance
Is all we need
To make life
Special and sweet



  1. Wow! That was "Sweet creepy" if there is such a thing! I enjoyed it!

  2. An absolutely charming romance!

  3. Can a ghost get someone pregnant?

  4. I've heard of ghost writer's but, until now, not of ghost photographers. Totally hooked.

  5. @otin, "sweet creepy"? Cool! I was thinkin' more like "romantically eerie", but what the hey!

    Dreamhaven, well done! I like how Robin finally fades out but I don't think he'll stop watching....

  6. Hi Dreamhaven, I had to sit down while I was reading this. So very intriguing. I'll be back, to read more. Thanks! -Jayne

  7. Ah, a positive ghost experience... I like it!


  8. nice...loved it. reminded me of p.s. i love you a bit...maybe they stop to help us more on sometimes?

  9. Wow,that was beautiful,lots of emotions!

  10. Nice, romantic little tale. Thanks for sharing! :)

  11. poignant, a good twist. I felt quite saddened by the story yet cheered by the reappearance of her beloved. the poem is also heartfelt.

  12. So beautiful. I really enjoyed it.

  13. Thanks to all of you. I never know what is going to happen when I sit down to write. This was going to be a poem about a little girl ghost and her lost puppy that I wrote about 10 years ago. Couldn't find it, so started this instead. Can't seem to not put a poem in there somewhere though.

  14. Very nice story, and it was complemented by the poem. I'd write more, but Blogger is giving me problems in the comments sections today!

  15. Otin's "sweet creepy" is right on - for me, creepier than sweet. I enjoyed the story very much.

  16. Aww that was so sweet. . .not that I'd like to see a ghost in the mirror mind.

  17. Charming and a bit scary at the same time!

  18. Sweet creepy, indeed! Nice job with the ghost theme.

  19. that was a great story. nice to read a sweet ghost story.