Sunday, December 27, 2009

Kewl Beanz Grand opening

I've tried to post this 3 times, My computer and this site are being beasts. This better work!!!!

Let's Swing, Daddy-O.

Kewl Beanz is the coolest place
To shake your booty and show your face.
Run by those two hipsters, never call Them square,
Foxster and Skipster make quite a pair.
Backed up, of course by the rest of the crew,
Tara, Gretchen and Kato too.
The food is to die for, the booze is first rate.
Better get there early to get through that gate.
I'm off to do shopping, to find my best look.
Who knows, maybe I'll finally hook
The man of my dreams, if not, who cares.
I'll still be enjoying a night most rare.
So jump in your car, take a plane, boat or train.
An opening like this won't be happening again.

Monday, December 21, 2009

True Christmas

Christmas has always been one of my favorite holidays. I have come to realize that the exact date that it is celebrated doesn't matter. It's the gathering of friends and family, a time when people tend to be more in charity with each. Some families with loved ones in the service keep their trees up until they get home. Other people open their hearts and homes to to those in need, whether they are family or strangers. Christmas is not about the gifts or how much they cost.
Here's some of what Christmas means to me.

True Christmas.

Lights burning brightly,
Stores open nightly,
Tinsel and glitter and gold.
False snow gleams whitely,
Trees tied up tightly,
All part of the Christmas time mold.

What happened to old fashioned Christmas?
The laughter and cheer abounding?
The church service held at midnight.
A store-bought present? Astounding!

Just what's the true meaning of Christmas?
How many stop to remember
About the young babe
Wrapped in swaddling clothes
In a manger that morn in December.

The birth of our Lord is the reason
We chose to give thanks this day.
Presents may fade, as does the season,
But Christ is here to stay.

Merry Christmas to all and to all goodnight
And sweet dreams

Thursday, December 17, 2009

It's History

History. Long past or just yesterday, even just a second ago, it's all history. I have always loved ancient history, a look into a culture and it's people. I don't enjoy history much after World War I, so much happened so fast, things become a blur.

In a way, I think it's too bad that our technology has swallowed some of the simpler ways of doing things. As a result, so many of us have become overweight and understimulated. Children are using computers in the earliest grades, becoming dependent on machines to do their thinking for them. So important that we constantly challenge their minds and bodies, so that being able to do and think for yourself doesn't become part of history.

A relationship also has a history, the way it begins or ends can influence your future. Boy, some of mine have ended in strange ways. If I had looked closer into their history, I might have made different choices.

So here I go. Remember, when this post is done, it's history!

Who Could Have Predicted.

When ancient man, fire did find.
It made a difference to body and mind
The body warm, the mind was free
To think up ways of creativity.
It cooked their food, lit up the night.
Gave hungry animals quite a fright.
How wonderful that a burning tree
Gave fire a place in history.

Next came tools of metal and stone.
A little hard work on the edge to hone
The blade to an edge bright and sharp,
Making a weapon, flesh to part.
Or making a tool to till the ground
To feed the families all around.
So you see, to fill a need
Tools found a place in history.

The climate changed and they had to roam
Further afield to find a home.
They learned to tame the animals, strong,
To take them to a new place to belong.
They learned to ride and so you see
Faster travel, both wild and free
Now has a place in history.

They needed to get to the other side
Of a river that was broad and wide.
They built a fire in a log of wood
And scraped it out deep and good.
A boat stood there for all to see
And became a part of history.

People began to learn that together a plan
Has more chance of succeeding
Than with just one man.
So they began to gather a large enough group
To accomplish their goals, their plans bore fruit.
Surrounded their folks with walls so high
To protect them when the night grew nigh.
It doesn't take much vision to see
That cities have a place in history.

Sadly, with cities came weapons of war.
As people grew greedy, they wanted more
Than what they had earned, to take from another.
Whether it was a stranger or it was a brother.
Oh yes, war can truly be
A sad part of our history.

Faster, yet faster we wanted to go.
Engines that ran on steam, wood or coal.
Became the next in a race to go as far
As the tracks would take us, follow that star
To the very next place, town or city.
The railroad has it's place in history.

But we wanted to be able to go on our own.
To go wherever we wanted to roam.
So to that end was built, over many a day
That which we would both curse and praise.
The car was birthed and travels free
To earn it's place in history.

Still not enough, the sky's the limit.
So in order to find our place in it,
The Wright brothers gave us a flying machine.
And we took it so far, it seemed like a dream.
To the moon and back, it's easy to see
That the plane is a big part of our history.

Computers have made it faster, it seems,
For man to realize so many schemes.
We have to remember it's only a tool.
For we would be made to look like a fool
If they all crashed and we forgot how
To do all the things we depend upon now.
For good or bad, for you and for me.
They are part of our future and our history.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Winter's Dressing

Snow. Interesting timing for this TT, as we just had our first real snowfall of the season this morning. Everything had a blanket of white, unspoiled as yet by the footsteps of man or animal. The rising sun reflected off the snow on the branches, creating an almost surreal beauty of diamonds and prisms. It's was a picture-perfect postcard of a New England winter's day.

The children had school off because of the snow. Snow forts and snowmen arise, with snowballs the weapon of choice. Snow angels appear whever children (and some adults) are playing. What a treasure, seeing things through the eyes of a child, a chance to once again experience that sense of wonder and beauty.

Through The Eyes Of A Child

"Momma what's that white outside?
Shining so brightly
It hurts my eyes?"
"Why that's snow, my dear,
God's gift to us, nothing to fear."

"Can we go outside? I want to touch
That sparkling surface so very much.
Where's my coat and hat?
Mittens too, can't forget that."

It's cold out there.

"If it's a gift, can everyone share?"
"But of course, my child,
What can compare
To sharing the joy
Of the fun out there?"

"What's a snow angel?"
My little tyke asked.
"Let me show you," I said
And bent to the task.
Falling back into the snow
Arms and legs spread wide.
Then moving in rhythm,
To her suprise
An angel was there
When mom did arise.
"My turn,my turn!"
And quick as a flash
A second angel lay there
She sure learned fast.

"Now we can make people,
Come and help me
Roll these balls of snow
And soon you will see
Frosty the snowman
Arrive on the scene."

"Now we must rush
And get him a hat
A scarf and a carrot
For his nose, in a flash.
We musn't forget his eyes
Made of coal and his grin
Smiling at us for making him."

"This was so much fun
But now it's time
To go inside, where you will find
Hot Chocolate steaming
To warm you up.
And gingerbread cookies
Your blanket and pup.
Time to take a nap, my dear.
When you wake up, they'll still be there."

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

When Lives Touch

Friend. It has to be one of the most beautiful words in the dictionary. It has so many layers of meaning. You have best friends, casual friends, friends with fringe benefits, friendships forged in the wink of an eye or over many years of discovery.

I have been blessed throughout my life with friends. I was never one of the popular crowd but I prefer quality friendships over quantity. Age or sex was never a factor, only a willingness to share a part of their lives with me.

I'm also lucky that I am friends with my children, not just their mom. My son is a treasure, a caring man who would do almost anything for a friend. My daughters are both married, with husbands that accept my slightly crazy ways, the circle of friendship ever rippling outward, including their friends as well. Sometimes life runs in a path unanticipated.

When Lives Touch

I reached out and you reached back.
That first sharing was just a snack,
At lunch one day.
At recess time, you saw me there,
Standing alone and you cared
Enough to ask me why I cried.
You showed me who you were inside.
A friend.

As we grew older, there was more to share.
First love, first kiss, first smoke on a dare.
We both choked and laughed so hard
Hiding out in the backyard.

Our lives at times drifted apart
But we were sisters of the heart.
No matter how long we were out of touch,
A phone call would bring us in a rush
To share both our joy and pain.

I never thought I'd lose you but
God called you home, not time enough
To say goodbye.
I kept dreaming that you played a joke
And out of the closet, your head would poke
And say "Surprise"

But it was not to be.

I'll always carry you in my heart.
25 years was not enough.
You showed me how a friend should be.
And how to treasure each one
No matter how long or short the time
We have together,
A friend is forever.