Wednesday, August 5, 2009


There are many ways of expressing how you feel. Kisses are one of the best.


That first kiss from your baby,
So soft and sweet.
Melts you from your head
Down to your feet.

A kiss from a mom
When a child falls down
Works better than medicine.
Makes a smile from a frown.

A kiss between children
Is a pleasure to see.
All in sweet innocence,
Between friends, a treat.

The first kiss between
A girl and her beau
Can be clumsy while finding
Just where that nose goes.

A kiss, an expression
Of love growing strong,
Can be a light, bright shinning
Even when things go wrong.

Can't begin to express all
That comes from a kiss.
From love to passion
To a peak, pure bliss.

Kisses are shared
Between lovers and friends,
Families and strangers
Hearts on the mend.

A small thing, a kiss
But it can define
What exists between
Your heart and mine.


  1. You and David musta been reading my mind-LOL!( The first kiss between a girl and her beau...) This is a beautiful poem, Dreamhaven :)

  2. wow. great words! conveying alot of the facets behind various kisses. nicely done.

  3. "Can be clumsy while finding
    Just where that nose goes." So true, so true. As one gets older it is harder to remeber all the things we worry about when life is so new.

  4. this is a lovely poem; it covers the subject beautifully.

  5. 'finding where that nose goes' cute and so true on those first kisses!

  6. Thank rhymes! I like that...

  7. I still remember my first kiss....even though it was so so so long ago. :)

  8. Kisses do express many things- you have captured all of these very well :)

  9. Amazing how many types of kisses there are when you put your mind to it.

  10. Very nice! Sums up so much, so well. :)

  11. A very sweet write! I love this one :)

  12. So many types of kisses. Great post!