Thursday, September 23, 2010

Stretching for acceptance Revelations

Stretching the truth can be a bad thing, even when done so as to not hurt someone. It is often better to strip away the cover, revealing what's underneath.

Revelations. A book in the Bible full of promise and frightening possibilities. When you reveal something, you are giving something life, admitting that it has an existence. When you reveal something about yourself to another person, you must trust that they can appreciate it's importance to you, accepting that it is part of who you are whether or not it's something you plan to, or need to , change.


Reluctant to bring it into the light.
Taking a chance with both love and life.
Will he know what I'm trying to say
Or would my revelations chase him away.

I have so many layers and masks that I wear.
Trying to fit in without laying bare
All that I am and want to be.
Trying to be what he wants me to be
Won't work for long, my soul starts to ache.
My spirit is cramped, wants to fly into space.

To give him a glimpse of the woman I am.
I don't need a prince,I need a man
Who will encourage my dreams, free me to fly.
But give me safe haven when day's end draws nigh.

Have to take that chance, a crack, just to start.
Giving a glimpse of what goes on in my heart.
The reveal will happen, a layer at a time.
Until my inner self starts to shine.

If he's blinded by the light
Or if my truth causes him fright,
Then I will know it's not meant to be.
After all, I must be true to me.