Thursday, January 28, 2010


Felt. Hmmm. could be a noun, or a verb, as in" I touched the felt of the pool table" or "I felt out of place" Impression can also be treated the same way--"did I make an impression on you?" or "I was really impressed by your generosity" . Not a lot to say about either so I'll just jump to my poetic side. I felt hopeful that it would make an impression on you.


I heard your heartbeat
For the very first time today.
It made such an impression on me,
I didn't know what to say.
The nurse put the speaker on
And I heard that rapid beat.
I was thrilled beyond words when I also felt
The kick of your baby feet.
A precious life resided there
Inside my warm dark womb.
Growing stronger everyday
Until you reach full bloom.
I called out to your daddy
So he could share my joy.
He was impressed by how strong you are.
His very first baby boy.
I felt his arms around me,
Surrounding us with his love.
A family made and blessed by God
Smiling down from heaven above.
I think if you listen carefuly,
A wonder you would find.
That our hearts all beat together,
Yours and his and mine.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Kewl Beanz Grand Opening

Ok, you all, here's the deal. In the course of our escape by the skin of our teeth (and little else) I need to pick a new gown. I'm having a hard time deciding between several gowns I found at a wonderful boutique in Pleasantville. Sean's not much help, he likes them all (or nothing at all :)).
I posted the same one twice... Oh well.
Sean's all set. He always carries several spares in the trunk

Let's get this Party Started

Of course, being me, I got the time wrong. Sean and I jumped up to get ready for our big day. Well, imagine that, I'm EARLY. I think we'll go back to bed for a little more smooze (ah, make that snooze time.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Let Us Break Bread Together

Bread. The staff of life. Also, another name for money (Man, do you have some bread?) might be something you'll hear at the Kewl Beanz (Don't miss the open house!!!). I googled "bread" and came up with a group of that name from the 70's. I found over 3000 different recipes for bread as well.

I remember the warm fragrant smell of fresh bread from the oven. My kids thought it was so great, with butter or homemade jam, that I would have to make at least two loaves so we would have one for later. We even made sourdough bread from starter that was passed from friend to friend, a chain letter of goodness. I really miss having the time to make things from scratch. We even tapped our maple trees and boiled down the sap to make syrup.

So, as always I submit a poem for your enjoyment.


I thought to make some bread today.
Warm fragrant goodness
To welcome them home
After a hard day.
To share with friends
Who bless my life
And give me a way
To rest from strife.

I thought to make some bread today
Rolling and pounding it
Is a way
To release my frustrations
That built up so high,
I thought I would blow
Clean up to the sky.
I slid them into the oven,
And tried to calm my racing thoughts.
The fragrance spread thoughout
The house
And brought me peace
As I breathed it in
And out.

I wander here and everywhere
But no matter where I roam.
The wonderful aroma of baking bread
Reminds me of past and home.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What Lies Beneath

Surface. It could be silky-smooth or as rough as a clam shell road, a thing of beauty or something so hideous that it hurts the eyes. What you see may indeed be what you get or only the first of many layers, leading to new discoveries the deeper you go. We tend to take so many things at face value because it's easier than expending the effort to ferret out the truth.

The sense of touch is a wonderful way to find out about the world we live in. Babies use it from the moment they are born, finding their way in a blurry world, learning from textures on the surface to find nourishment and security, stimulating their brain, imprinting on a slate that will never be as ready for new information as it is at that moment.

I enjoy a good treasure hunt, digging beneath the surface at yard sales and flea markets, in boxes and piles, just begging to give up their secrets. I have found many things of value that way, not just in cash but also in history, a look at things and lives long past.

So, for your enjoyment, I present,

What Lies Beneath

I walked deep in the desert,
Sand and rocks all around,
Hoping for a sign
Of water beneath the ground.
That precious liquid,cool and fresh
To renew my life and bring me rest.

The longer I walked and stumbled,
The weaker I became.
The way I sought to travel
No longer seemed a game.
I looked up and thought I saw it
Shimmering through the haze.
It's placid surface gleaming
Beneath the sun's harsh gaze.

I gathered my strength and breath.
For the surface I had to cross
Was full of rocks and hidden traps.
I could not face the loss.
I had to gain my objective
No matter what the cost.

But when I reached the water
And leaned down to drink,
I found the water bitter.
It drove me to the brink.
Then I turned around and saw
The love you had for me.
If I had looked beneath the surface,
This pain did not need to be.

You stretched your arms out to me.
Though I had run to find
The excitement I thought I was missing.
How could I be so blind
Not to have looked beneath the surface
To find a love for all time.

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Spinning, my head is spinning. Like a whirlpool, it never ends... I see polka dots before my eyes. Might be from New Year's Eve. How about this for a drink?

Auld Lange Syne (new version)

When old friends can't be forgot
Even with tequila and lime.
There's always time to try a few
Of a special drink of mine.
An ounce of Old Turkey and one of Blue Goose,
Captian Morgan's and aged brandy, sublime.
Served over the rocks and you won't care
Who sings Auld Lange Syne.

And all those pink elephants on parade
Have polka dots the color of wine.
They lead me straight to another drink.
I must have been out of my mind.
Now those polka dots swirl and dance
Till I'm so dizzy, I can't see.
I think I'll lay down on the floor
And enjoy my snoozes ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Warning : this is a drink I made up. I haven't tried it. Do so at your own risk,lol