Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Little Blessings

I know this is early, but my time is very limited today. Happy Easter, everyone.

Yellow is such a wonderful warm color. It frequently is found in kitchens and nurseries, lending a feeling of peace and happiness. What a dull world it would be without yellow to remind us of the start of springtime, flowers of all types sharing this glorious color, daffodils,forsythia,tulips and roses. Even the humble dandelion comes into it's own, it's greens finding their way into our salads, the wonderful yellow flowers often gathered as a gift from a child to mother. How many of us have shared the fun of blowing the fluff from the flower, spreading the seeds to dance delightfully on the wind.

A Sonnet to Yellow

Simple pleasures, little blessings.
The warmth of the sun caresses the face.
The yellow ducklings and baby chicks
Waddling towards the gate.

The bright yellow of an Easter hat
With matching dress and purse
Puts a little girl in her Sunday best
As she heads out for the church.

A child's laughter as she plucks
Yellow blossoms from the ground,
To share with those around her.
Truly is a joyful sound.

The yolk of an egg,
The butter, fresh churned,
The banana put at the plate.
Even the yellow of corn can contribute
To a breakfast that's first rate.

Gold is yellow that glistens.
It can sparkle in the stream.
But sometimes it can fool you,
Fools gold broke many a dream.

The yellow brick road, for Dorothy,
Led to the Emerald city most fair.
She had a lot of adventures
On her way to getting there.

The golden glow from our Lord's face
When he arose from the tomb
Spread His love for all to share.
Make sure you make some room.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Sign of the Times

So many things can be used as a sign. Paper,plastic,cloth or wood. Stone makes an enduring sign. Smoke trails can be a sign of fire or written across the sky for advertising. When a hunter tracks in the wood, many signs tell him what his prey has been doing and where it has gone. Body language can be a sign of how a person is feeling. So here's a brief take on

It's a Sign Of The Times

When the chidren learn
So much from computers.
It's a sign of the times
When reality shows
Outdraw the sitcoms.
It's a sign of the times
When love can be found
In so many ways.
It's a sign of the times
When marriages break up
50% of the time.
It's a sign of the times
When the Earth rebels
Because of what we do to it.
It's a sign of the times
That people are becoming more
Tolerant of differences
It's a sign of the times
That we want to go
Faster and faster.
It's a sign of the times
That one person can no longer
Support a family without help.
It's a sign of the time
That I have to go to work.
Goodnight and sweet dreams.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Break Your Fast

According to this, the first meal of your day is breakfast, no matter when you eat it.
It can be as simple as toast and coffee or as elaborate as a full buffet. Cold cereal, hot cereal, bacon, eggs, steak, homefries, the list goes on and on. Let's see if I can make you hungry.

Get Your Engine Started.

First thing in the morning,
The aroma rising up
From that very first cup of coffee,
Poured from the pot.
The waffle iron is heating up
Preparing to bake
That delicacy that can be enjoyed
So many different ways.
Top with butter, pour on the syrup
Or add fruit and whipped cream.
Baked with love, to share with friends
A breakfast lover's dream.

The sizzle of the bacon,
Sausages or ham,
Crisping to a golden turn,
Cooking in the pan.
Don't throw that grease,
The eggs are next,
So many ways to make.
Sunny side up or scrambled,
Over-easy or baked.
The omelet here may reign supreme
A meal in itself, for sure.
Add ham or cheese or peppers
Spices, fresh ground and pure.
Add a side of hashbrowns
To provide even more allure.

The smell of oatmeal and maypo,
Brings childhood to mind
With a glass of juice
And a side of toast,
To start the day off fine.

So many items from the bakery
Compete for table space.
Doughnuts, muffins,
Croissants and scones
Find their way to your plate.

Don't forget the liquids
To make the meal complete
Milk or tea, coffee or juice.
Makes all go down so sweet.

So now my poem about breakfast
Is finished at last.
I'm so hungry that now I must
Go and break my fast.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mama Kurata

I love hats. I have multiple cowboy hats, biker hats, a fedora. They can express your personality or be a part of a uniform. Police, firefighters, rangers, fast food workers, hunters and ballplayers all wears hats unique to their profession .

My favorite hats are the ones I create for the Japanese animation conventions I go to with my family. I love to dress up in costume but there aren't many characters that someone my age can play. Then along came Kodocha. Mama Kurata has a grade school daughter,Sana, who is a TV star . One day, Mama and Sana visited a pet shop. A crazy little ground squirrel jumped on Mama's head and refused to get off. So Maro-Chan comes home to be a part of the family. Mama is a succesful author with a crazy sense of humor and a very unique view on hats. This means I get to do something different with her hats each year. The Mad Hatter hasn't got anything on me.

I felt that the squirrel should have some of the fun.
Hat # 1, the squirrel is fishing.
Spending a day on the pond
Wondering, wishing
To catch the biggest fish that he can.

Hat #2, I thought he felt lonely.
So he married his one true love
In a Japanese style wedding
In my hat far above
The applauding guests.

Hat#3 Is a Star Wars sight.
To the future we go,
The Emperor to fight.
It's Darth Chipmunk against
Maro-Chan Skywalker
You see.
The outcome was certain.
It's Victory.

Hat#4 Is in tribute to
The Red Socks. They did it.
The Death of the Curse.
The World series was won!!
At last, we were first.

I'll explain the rest later, to work I must go.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Angel In Flight

I don't know how many of you are aware, but my sister died on Friday. She was a wonderful person, mother, sister and friend. I'll post more about her later when things are more settled.


Sister of ours, Betty and Frank.
Angel in flight
Needing no light to guide her way.
Daughter to Shirley and Frank,
Released from this Earth,
Another light to show us the way.

Beloved of all,
Revered by her children Lori and Keith.
Eager to help when she could.
Never looking to serve only herself.
Now God has chosen to end her pain
And give her a new body, whole and good.
New angel waiting to soar.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Emerald Isle

OK, I admit that this didn't take a lot of thought. What is green about March? St. Patrick's Day, of course. Green also can be thought of as the return of spring, crocus beginning to push above the ground, delicate leaf buds appearing at the end of branches and one of my personal favorites, pussy willows. They, along with dandelions, are often a mother's first gifts from their children.
This is a small tribute to the Emerald Isle, one of the many countries in my ancestry.

The Emerald Isle

Long ago and far away,
As well as the here
And now,
Ireland has a history
Of things fanciful
And wild.
The fairy rings
Of mushrooms tall,
The leprechand's gold
At rainbow's end,
The wonderful history of ghosts
And castles
To their folklore lends
A touch of magic,
Tales to be told,
Passed down to
Families and friends.

The music of Ireland stirs my soul.
It's Celtic rhythm soothes
Or can be a song to march to,
A cry to arms, so true.
The sounds of pipes
And harps, I love.
The violin's music surrounds
Like angels voices from above.
A fiddle plays to make me dance,
My steps are fairy light.
The distant thunder of
Step dancing
Makes my heart take flight.

The wonderful gift of St. Patrick,
He chased the snakes away.
So we celebrate his awesome deed
On St. Patricks Day.
We wear the green
With pride and flair.
A toast with whiskey so fine,
You should at least
Have a pair
Of Irish rye, sublime.

So in conclusion
I wish to give
A blessing, nothing to dread.
May you be in heaven a full hour
Before the devil knows you're dead.

I'm posting this early as my sister is gravely ill and I must go. She may not have much longer.
God bless you all.