Monday, June 4, 2012

sweet surrender

Is One Enough?
One scoop,two scoops, three scoops, four.
Lining up flavors and toppings galore,
Bananas under, whipped cream on top.
With sprinkles and cherries, I can't seem to stop.

But I wait, the best part has not arrived.
My love approaches with swift strides.
He picks up a spoon and slides into bed
And I open my mouth and prepare to be fed.

He dribbles onto my skin, on purpose, I'm sure.
As his tongue snakes out my mind starts to blurr.
He's quick and through, not missing a drop.
Until I thought my heart would stop.

I returned the favor and I'm quite sure
No two ever enjoyed a banana split more.
Over and under, upside and down
Until it was gone to the last trace of brown.