Wednesday, July 22, 2009

In My Shoes

Think for a moment about shoes. There are work boots, dancing shoes, shoes for diving and just kicking around shoes. There are shoes for sports, shoes for running, boots for hiking. But my Favorite shoes are the ones I wear. For your enjoyment I present,

Nursing Shoes

My feet are tired, my back is sore.
Why do I keep coming back for more?
My hands get wrinkled from giving baths.
I've had it with needles, pins and clasps.

My patients don't want to do as they're told.
Before my time, I'm growing old.
So why do I come back, day after day,
To more of the same? Why do I stay?

Because I care about people

When they smile I forget my aching back,
The tears and trials, and looking back
I know it's all worth it and that's a fact.

This is their last stop, I'm their nurse and a friend.
To treat them like family from beginning to end.
To ease their going when their time is come.
To make their remaining time second to none.
I pledge with my heart and spirit free,
To be the very best I can be.
To be there for them day by day,
Is most of my joy and a large part of my pay


  1. Wow! This hits home because my Mother is a CNA, she is 63 years old, and pretty much says everything that you just said!

  2. Mom can be a stubborn patient, at times. But I've been worse...your POV is spot on!

  3. Very nice, but I'm gonna sic the Rhyming Police on you for "baths" and "clasps!" ;-)

  4. to Otin, subtorp and JA--been a nurse for 36 years and I still love it. Hate the paperwork, though.

    To Silver Fox: Rhyming police?? I'm innocent, I tell ya.

  5. great piece and thanks for all you do each day to make your patients lives that much better. i am sure it is a joy to see them get better.

  6. What would we do without nurses???

  7. I commend you for being one of those amazing people who gives so much for others. Nice poem too!


  8. Doctors get the glory, but clearly Nurses deserve the praise!!1 :)

  9. I guess you are the kind of guy who like to watch other people grow, specially found for kids that learn to tight their shoe laces on they own

  10. My mother was a nurse and the most comfortable pair of shoes she ever owned were those in which she worked! Good for you, nursing is a vocation as much as it is a job.

  11. Sweet text.
    My faviourite one are sneakers, cause I can t stand all tthe others, but those can well be used also for nursing

  12. Very nice. Sorry I missed this last week!

  13. You've captured what all of us nurses feel so well. Bravo!

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