Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hidden Treasures

Boxes come in all shapes and sizes. You have hat boxes, cereal boxes,shipping boxes,
shirt boxes,boxes with windows and boxes that hide what's inside. Boxes are some of the greatest toys ever. They can become a clubhouse,a spaceship,part of a costume, anything limited only by the imagination of a child.

Treasures in the Attic

I saw a box
That was made of wood.
I was sure that it
Held something good.
I pried open the top
And what did I find?
A treasure of things
From long ago times.

There were hats and dresses,
Wigs with long tresses,
Gloves and shoes
Of varying hues.
A train and a doll,
Jacks and a ball.
A pile of old letters
But one thing even better.

At the very bottom
Of that old box.
I found a diary
And the key for the lock.
I opened that book
And started to look
For the secrets hidden inside.
I was astonished, amazed
That back in those days
The secrets that were written within
Were something much like
Something I might write.
Life coming full circle again.

I never had thought
Great grandmother taught
Her children much as I do mine.
She fell in love, broke her heart,
Thought they never would part.
Picked herself up
And started over again.
New love did bloom
Under the light of the moon
This one held true to the end.

Although much has changed
Between then and now,
One thing will always be true.
If you hide your life
In a book in a box,
Someday someone will read about you.


  1. I've always loved the idea of finding bits of family history hidden away in a dusty box in the attic. Unfortunately, my ancestors were apparently not pack rats. I hope your poem is true. If so, how wonderful for you to have found the words of your great-grandmother, speaking to you from the past.

  2. This is wonderful! I really, really like your take on the theme.

  3. really cool! love to visit the atic of grandma and look through the boxes...its like a time machine to earlier days....

  4. So do you have a favourite box? And yes, boxes for all purposes are cool! Happy Theme Thursday.

  5. This was a lovely poem with lovely thoughts. I too love to explore the past through the words of those who have lived there. Great TT!

  6. Really great! I hope that someone can read about me someday, and that I don't end up packed away some place.

  7. @PattiKen. The box is only in my imagination but the power of the written word is truly a way to pass on parts of yourself.
    @Dot-Com My favorite boxes are the ones I dig into, hoping to find a treasure, at flea markets and yard sales. I have found many unique pieces of history that way.

    Everyone else, ty so much for your comments. They are much appreciated.

  8. Interesting thoughts here. Maybe we should all write that book and put it in a box for future generations to find. Or not. ;o)

  9. you painted a beautiful word image about boxes,
    fantastic job!

    Happy Sunday!


    here is mine,
    thank you for the attention!

  11. the comment with my link disappeared...

  12. what a lovely thought
    wouldn't it be fab. to find such a treasure?

  13. fabulous rhymes! glad i cought this...a few days late.

  14. this made me smile: so lovely!

  15. A History Box Rather Than History Book.!Regards From Tony.

  16. What a fun lively and true poem. I like the way you wove the threads of it together. Yes, the past is the present is the future. Nice.

  17. Love your box poem. My grandfather's house had many boxes like that. I never was allowed to open them. It's still a mystery as to what was in them. Thanks for visiting CrazyasaCoolFox

  18. Your poem echoes my belief that it is important to put thoughts to paper...for yourself and for future generations.


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    you are represented as fresh poets to know,
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    love your blog and work!

  20. what a sweet poem that just makes me smile!

  21. a treasure box, full of secret or awesome writing,
    that's beautiful poem!