Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Little Blessings

I know this is early, but my time is very limited today. Happy Easter, everyone.

Yellow is such a wonderful warm color. It frequently is found in kitchens and nurseries, lending a feeling of peace and happiness. What a dull world it would be without yellow to remind us of the start of springtime, flowers of all types sharing this glorious color, daffodils,forsythia,tulips and roses. Even the humble dandelion comes into it's own, it's greens finding their way into our salads, the wonderful yellow flowers often gathered as a gift from a child to mother. How many of us have shared the fun of blowing the fluff from the flower, spreading the seeds to dance delightfully on the wind.

A Sonnet to Yellow

Simple pleasures, little blessings.
The warmth of the sun caresses the face.
The yellow ducklings and baby chicks
Waddling towards the gate.

The bright yellow of an Easter hat
With matching dress and purse
Puts a little girl in her Sunday best
As she heads out for the church.

A child's laughter as she plucks
Yellow blossoms from the ground,
To share with those around her.
Truly is a joyful sound.

The yolk of an egg,
The butter, fresh churned,
The banana put at the plate.
Even the yellow of corn can contribute
To a breakfast that's first rate.

Gold is yellow that glistens.
It can sparkle in the stream.
But sometimes it can fool you,
Fools gold broke many a dream.

The yellow brick road, for Dorothy,
Led to the Emerald city most fair.
She had a lot of adventures
On her way to getting there.

The golden glow from our Lord's face
When he arose from the tomb
Spread His love for all to share.
Make sure you make some room.


  1. yellow is rather beautiful isnt the view from your eyes. happy tt!

  2. Lovely images in this poem!

  3. This is really lovely. Everyone's take on yellow is sunny and nice. Mine is not but hopefully entertaining.

    The Clean White Page

  4. Thanks Betty. This is very nice. Today was one of those delicious warm spring days in southwest Virginia. Things are budding and there are so much yellow around right now. I love it!

  5. A yellow kitchen just speaks volumes to me.

    Nice TT!

  6. Sweet, now I'm yearning for two eggs with yellow yolks!

  7. This is really lovely. Yellow is so full of good cheer, somehow.

    Mine is here.

  8. poetic yellow,
    how romantic!
    I love your perspective!


    here is mine,
    Happy Easter!


    Happy Tuesday,
    find some awards you may like there,