Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Another Mealtime Post

Lunch. On my shift it comes in the middle of the night. For others, it's in the middle of the day. You can meet friends for lunch, have a business lunch, have a three martini lunch (why is that drink so popular, anyway? must be a James Bond thing). And for those who can't get out of bed in time for breakfast, we have brunch. My favorite type of lunch is a picnic lunch. Finger foods, kisses and wine.

In The Meadow

Pleasant way to spend the day.
Idling the time away.
Not a cloud in the blue
Interrupting the view.
Casual dining, it's true.

Lying on the blanket
Under the sun above
Near the one that I love
Cold chicken and wine
Hot love's on my mind.

Pressing lips together,
Igniting the flames,
Now the blanket becomes their nest
Instead of wine,they drink each other,
Caressing the skin,slowly undress.

Lovers exploring,learning to
Understand each other pleasures
Nearing the hard earned peak .
Inferno explodes,again and again.
Clearly the best of the desserts.


  1. steamy lunch, almost burned my smiles.

  2. Ha! You named it wrong, Betty. You should have called it "Hot Lunch" :O)

  3. haah to angel's comment.

    Nice poem...why aren't my lunches like that? LOL!

  4. Did anyone notice the letters for lunch in front of verses 2 &4? I was also trying to use the letters for picnic as well but my spelling was off last night (pinic instead of picnic,lol). Write in a rush, repent at leisure, I guess. Happy TT all.

  5. Where can one go today to enjoy such pleasure out in nature? There's always somebody somewhere takin' up space.

  6. Well! That is SOME kinda lunch!!!!!
    Love it!

  7. Hmm I don't know. As long as it's somewhere secluded. I get very embarrassed watching the riverbank snoggers while I'm trying to eat my lunch!

  8. yow! that was some meal...I do declare it is a little steamy in here! Great post!

  9. I always wondered if people on the graveyard shift call their break a "lunch break" or is it another name. Love your poem. I'll add "hot lunch" to my post. (lol) Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  10. time for late lunch in my place,
    cool poem!


    here is mine!
    Have fun reading it.

  12. I like the idea of a Hot Lunch. Baby that's steamy

    I need to work on my lunch routine :)

  13. very nice.

    i need to work some more of those hot lunches into my schedule ;)

  14. was with you on that one, but why stop at lunch, can do breakfat, elevenses, brunch, supper, tea, afternoon snack....oh yeah I'm a man...just kidding!!!

  15. I'm back again peeking in this time for Jingle. I'm glad I get to keep bumping into you
    moon smiles

  16. Haven't had a picnic lunch like that in years...but oh the memories you brought back!!!!! Great job.

  17. oh i like this kind of done..

  18. Amazing how U have your break fast @ midnight... I completely understand why. What a nicely done poem, with a good rhyming sense..KEEP IT UP.

    I'm just a blog away;

    I do deeply emotional and heart-melting poems, you sure will love them.

  19. I am here by way of Jingle....I love this! Its written sooo beautifully!

  20. hope you dont mind if I follow your blog. this is one way to keep in touch. hope you do the same.