Thursday, April 22, 2010


How many times have you found yourself drafted into doing something you really didn't want to do, a friend needs help, your child needs 3 dozen cupcakes Today, your child, now a mother, frantically looking for a babysitter as hers cancels out at the last minute.
The blogspot is the home of the draft of the writing kind. You suddenly feel cold because of an unexpected draft. There are draft horses, gentle giants used for all kinds of farm chores. It is also a term used by race car drivers where you use the draft created by another car to move forward, I assume to save gas.

Drat That Draft.

I feel a little cold
But no matter what I do,
I can't find the hole
That draft is coming through.
The temperature is dropping,
The draft is getting stronger.
I have to find the source.
I can't stand it any longer.

First I wet my finger
And hold out in front.
Seems to make no difference,
I continue to be stumped.
I see a feather drifting
And try to backtrack
It's floating flight but
It twists and turns.
No help there, alack.

So I chose my final option.
A flame will surely show
The way to go to plug that hole
Letting in the cold.
I heard a gentle hissing
As I seemed to near the source
And suddenly I was flying
From an explosion's Tremendous force.

And so my friends
My lesson learned
A simple one, it's true.
If you feel cold,
Wrap yourself up
Unless you like black and blue.


  1. Like it Betty. Sometimes we don't think with our head. Great one about Draft

    Thanks for the visit my dear
    from the moon

  2. lol. yeah be careful of the breeze from the gas main...smiles. happy tt!

  3. Brilliantly written!! GREAT advice...

  4. Oh yes, how right you are. We always do get drafted into the unexpected. Happy Theme Thursday!

  5. Ha ha...funny one! Well done.

  6. Definitely not a draft that I would want to feel. :)

  7. a lovely pome, full of wisdom .well done.

  8. Boom! That was a blasting good take on the theme.

  9. Ah, very, very interesting!! Happy weekend!

  10. Happy Friday!
    Insightful poem,
    beautiful theme!


    Happy Saturday!

  12. yeah,exactly many times.
    wonderful poem keep it up!