Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Have you ever embraced your wild child? The spirit inside you that wants more than a tepid, humdrum life? She leads you down dark hallways and unfamilar groumd, daring you to take those steps beyond what is safe and known. Love can be that way too. The wilderness of human relationships can be the most frightening and rewarding of all. So for your enjoyment I present

Step Towards The Wild Side

I am afraid
But in my darkest night
I know I can reach out
To find the light
Of your love

I am unsure
But in spite of all my doubt
I know that you will be there
To support and help me out

I have been blind
Looking all around but not seeing.
Your love opened my eyes
To the beauty in just being

I was deaf,
I listened without understanding
You opened my ears to the music
Of laughter and whispered words
Of love.


  1. love is an amazing thing, opening our senses to a different world or way of seeing ours. beautiful verse. you capture love so well.

  2. Beautiful poem. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

  3. what they said...
    and who doesn't want to go wild...once in a while!

  4. "You opened my ears to the music"..I like that one, especially. Nice one, Dreamhaven :)

  5. Haven't been able to go wild in quite awhile, lol. Oh, I hear drums calling me.
    Thank you for comments most kind.

  6. Beautiful stuff! Thoroughly enjoyed it!

  7. Nice!

    Had that moment almost 15 years ago, my eye-opener. :)

  8. Love is the most creative force on the planet! Thanks for sharing this.

  9. You wild way with words is wonderful!

  10. No confessions here but I was a little wild in my day! I miss the risque actually

  11. That is a wonderful way to view love.