Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I've got rhythm

Songs and music through all eternity echo the balance we seek in life. The rhythm can soothe the spirit and inspire the heart. A good song can rally the troops, make you fall in love, give a foundation for a cause or political rally. There is rhythm throughout life as well that can be fast and furious or slow and relaxing. For your enjoyment I offer

Life Rhythms

A mother holds her fussy child
And sings a lullaby
To calm her down, ease into sleep.
Closes her little eyes .

The ocean waves come into shore
In a rhythm as old as time.
The moon above affects it's flow
Raising and lowering the brine.

A single step begins the dance,
As one, the couple begins.
Weaving and flowing around the floor
Perfect rhythm till song"s end.
A kiss.

A call goes out,loud and strong
And then the cadence starts.
The troops call out as they march down the road.
The rhythm stirs the heart.
To battle.

The most primal rhythm of all begins
When two lovers kiss.
Stroking, caressing ,building the flame.
Til they meet the heights of bliss.

The sun goes down, the moon comes up,
The rhythm changes slowly.
The music of wildlife stirs emotions
Could be calm or scary.
Dark woods

This is the end for me.
The rhythm of my life
Has determined I must got to work
And so I say good night.
Sweet dreams.


  1. sweet dreams.

    great rhythms...and a giggle along the way as well.

  2. Pleasantly sweet dreams! I can relate to the battle one but I like the "tides" one, the most:" The ocean waves come into shore,
    In a rhythm as old as time"...

  3. Nighty night! thank you for another great poem!


  4. Fun post, full of rhythm. I like it.

  5. I liked the dance. Reminds me of high school. A long time ago!

  6. Wonderful poem! Happy Theme Thursday!

  7. Beautiful post! Happy Theme Thursday!

  8. The rhythm of my life necessitates that I go to work too. I wonder if I can alter that rhythm to make that unnecessary...

    Eruption, indeed!

  9. I love the rhythm of the small title coming AFTER each section. Very nicely done. Love it! -J

  10. Noice. But I'm with Kris, my circadian rhythms are all synchopated.

  11. I love the poem... My original idea for TT was similar but in prose. Your take is beautiful, and I'm afraid mine would have paled terribly in comparison.

  12. wonderful poem --I could hear the changing beat as I read each stanza--thank you c