Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Flight of Angels

What can be as beautiful as a flight of birds, soaring through the heavens, using the updrafts to lift ever higher in a bright blue sky. The flight of the human spirit. And to guide that spirit on it's way, God has a flight of angels waiting, to protect you on your journey though time and life. For your enjoyment, I present.

My Guardian Angel

My guardian angel works overtime.
I just can't seem to resist
All the challenges life can hold.
They give me reasons to exsist.

He flies above me, ever watching.
For my foot will surely fall
Exactly where it shouldn't.
Keeps me safe, in spite of it all.

My first toddling steps,
My first dive in the sea,
My first falling in love,
He watched over me.

When I got married, his job expanded.
Now I had children
For whom to take chances.
I suppose I gave him a few gray hairs
Watching me go where only fools dare.

As life progressed,
My wisdom improved.
Took less chances,
I had less to prove.

Finally ready for one last flight,
My guardian angel takes
The best of my life.
Leaving my broken shell behind,
He brings me to God
In His good time.

Sweet dreams


  1. WOW! Powerful ending here! Great work, Dreamhaven. Meeting at the flea on Sunday, so let me know if you're along. And I'll bring the coffee ;)

  2. I do hope it is this soft. Beautiful end. -J
    Thanks for the spontaneous poem you wrote over at my place!

  3. what a beautiful ending...i imagine i have put my angel through the ringer and they may have a few choice words for me one have a great weekend!

  4. Beautiful but very sad ending for me, anyway!

  5. It's not sad, Otin. I'm not dead yet, after all.

  6. the end will be the best part...just not yet...

    There are so many in the TT group now, it is impossible to get around to all the posts in one day anymore...see ya next week!

  7. I really like this...especially the ending!

  8. Great prose, great ending. congrats.