Thursday, September 3, 2009

It all begins here

What a wonderful thing, beginnings. So many ways to go with this. Everything ever written or lived had a point where it started, and a point just before, where it did not yet exist. For your pleasure, I offer,

Once Upon A Lifetime

Beginning, it can be played so many ways.
The first note of a song, your wedding day.
Dawns first light, rays warming the earth.
Very special, your children's birth.
Their life beginning, your hand to guide
Their first steps on the ground outside.

A poem or story has it's start
In a thought or word
From your mind and heart.
Or could have had it's beginning
In a dream at night
That leaves your heart
Racing in fright.

A plant begins from
A seed in the ground.
Some sun and some rain
And soon it has found
A way to break through,
To reach for the sky
First a leaf, then a flower,
And seeds, by and by.

A journey begins with a single step.
One after another until you get
To the journey's end, met your goal,
Only to find a new road unrolls
To take you to places you've never been.
A challenge, and so you start again.

From birth to death,
From beginning to end,
If you have someone to share with,
A lover or friend,
Life holds new beginnings
You need not fear.
May your burdens be light
And your way be clear.


  1. Dreamhaven, that was thoroughly engrossing! Especially the second verse. Happy TT :)

  2. "Nice" is a word that is so over-used that it should be banned from public use and reserved for very special occasions. This is one such occasion. That was nice.

  3. may your burden be light and your way be clear...a travelers prayer...really quite lovely.

  4. Aww that's almost a blessing. May your burdens be light too!

  5. A very beautiful piece of writing! Bravo!

  6. That is quite a definitive "beginnings" poem!

  7. Loved this poem. Striking! Thanks for your visit and comments last week.

  8. Lovely poem! Thank you for sharing it with us :)

  9. I love your poetry! What a great beginning!

  10. Beautiful...really! There is such hope in the beginning of something!

  11. Such wonderful optimistic words! -Jayne

  12. I have always loved the truth in A JOURNEY BEGINS WITH A SINGLE STEP...I will never claim to be REAL quick with that little step...but eventually I get to it! ;)

  13. Beautifully expressed. Your poetry is so hopeful!

  14. I love happy poems and musings... Very uplifting and charming.

  15. Yes. We Need Others To Begin Ourself.Great Words.