Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Car For All Season's

Limos have long been a status symbol, something that says you've finally made it. It also is used for many other things. Some get their first ride when going to the prom, often with other couples to share the cost. A limo is frequently the vehicle of choice for weddings and for most, a ride to their final resting place. They come in so many shapes and colors these days, from Humvee's to zebra stripes, some so long you could hold a party in them, complete with bar and music, although dancing would be a problem,lol. For your enjoyment, I present

A Day In The Life Of A Limo.

The sun comes up too soon for me.
I've barely been to bed.
I still have some of that awful music
Playing inside my head.
But my driver has a schedule
That he is obligated to keep.
Last night's driver's gone to bed,
He's earned his 8 hours sleep.

Still, there are some things that must be done.
Before we get on the road.
What was that he found under my seat?
A flash of sparkle and gold.
Oh no, the bride has dropped her ring,
She must be frantic, crying.
A run inside, a quick phone call
Turns her cries to sighing.

On the road we go, our first stop planned.
We're taking the members
Of a rock and roll band
To the stadium where they will stand
And play their music
For their screaming fans.

Then on to the next, a government call.
Four men in dark suits, laptops and all.
A secret meeting, very hush-hush.
They talked about things
That would make a radiator blush.

One more stop, it's the end of the day.
A very tired man, works hard for his pay.
We rolled to a stop, in front of his house.
Out of the door raced his kids and spouse.
They greet him with smiles and kisses sweet
The perfect end to make his day complete.

Back to the garage and a well earned rest.
Today I was really put to the test.
As my headlights dim and I fall asleep
I wish you all sweet dreams and peace.


  1. "make a radiator blush", I love it! Out-standing POV Dreamhaven!!( applause )And the part about the wedding ring...nice!

  2. love the point of view of the stories they could tell. eh?

  3. Cool - First post from the eyes of the limo itself, that I have read! :)

  4. Very nice the originality! Oh, the stories they could tell, huh!

  5. ...make a radiator blush... priceless!

  6. Adorable!!!

    A diamond ring found under the seat is pretty tame...I would NOT want to know what those limo drivers often times have to clean up and out of their vehicles!

  7. Subby, ty (takes a bow).
    To all, if a Limo could talk to SF, he'd have a best seller.
    Ty for all the great input, this one took awhile,lol

  8. That was original and clever! Thanks for sharing. I am now one of your followers!

  9. Great limo poem...did I miss your limo's name? Not Herbie the Love Limo? Happy TT

  10. I love your stuff! I have since I first read your blog!

  11. I like that - personification of the limo. Nice take!


  12. Neat perspective. Its a form poem too, isn't it?

  13. Very impressive - The POV was fun!

  14. ty you all for your comments. TT has gotten my creative juices flowing after they had been dammed up for years. What fun reading everyone else's view of the world as well.

  15. Bet there are definitely some stories hidden in the limos!

  16. I agree with Subby and Willow. I loved the line about the blushing radiator!