Wednesday, October 14, 2009


This one is really different. I recycle lots of things. Leather,books ,clothes, toys, ect. I love yard sales and flea markets (yup, I'm addicted) to the point where I hate to go buy things at the regular store. The price shock is enormous. It's also fun to barter to get what I need. You can even barter goods for services. I wish I could get heating oil that way. We started using the recycle program that my trash pickup provides about 6 weeks ago. I'm so glad that so much is not going into landfills. My daughter is even using cloth diapers for the baby. Now, that takes dedication.
One of my favorite crafts involves recycling leather from clothing to make my dreamcatchers. I also use beads from necklaces to bead the webs. Making memory quilts from your children's clothes is another way to recycle and enjoy something unique.

We also belong to a Star Trek club and have participated in many clean-up efforts as well as recycling cans for several charities. Planet Earth is in deep trouble and we are the only species that can truly make a difference. Go to for more on global warming. For your consideration, I submit--

Take Back The Land.

Take back the land.
Heart by heart,
Hand in hand.
Take back the land.

Take back the earth.
Each square inch
Our struggle is worth.
Take back the earth.

Take back the sky
From smog and polution.
There is a solution.
Take back the sky.

Take back the water.
Each drop reclaimed
Makes us stronger.
Take back the water.

Take back the diversity
Of life all around us.
We'll be that much poorer
If it didn't surround us.

Each light that goes out,
Each spark that dies,
Reminds us that we
Must harder try
To preserve what is left,
Before it all disappears.
God's gift to mankind's
Worth our sweat and tears.


  1. great poem...each light that goes out brings a tear to my the recycling that you do..very creative.

    you are in a star trek club? little know secret...i have a bat'leth in my basement. real one, pretty cool.

  2. I've always believed every person needs a barter-able skill. I like the new anthem. -J

  3. I love fleamarkets, too. And thrift stores. I just hit a 50% sale at our thrift store and bought winter clothes for my entire family...perfectly good things, some still new with tags..that other's didn't want. Love that kind of recycling! :)

  4. I'm a pathological recycler. Drives my office staff nuts some days, but I don't care.

  5. Some great ideas! I am thinking that there is nothing that we need that we should have to buy we have been shopping at the local thrift stores...well I must say that I must buy new underwear! But most other things can be found good as new and for mere pennies...and not only that the money generated helps to feed the hungry.

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Great post. I am a confirmed recycler and thrifter, too.

  7. I recycle books through PaperBackSwap! :)

  8. There's a real mantra to that it has a native feel for me as well.

  9. Good to see so much reuse, recyling and reduction around the blogs. It's a slow process and one which takes place more by osmosis than legislation but every little bit helps. Take back and give back before it disappears indeed!

  10. Your heart's certainly in the right place.

  11. Beautiful! This could be a Jefferson Airplane song!!!!

  12. I Love The Idea Of Recycling Dreamcatchers!