Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Time for Us

Traffic patterns, heavy, light or in between. It could be vehicles, goods, lives, love. So many choices, so little time. The traffic pattern of your life could shift with just one bump in the road or an unplanned detour. Sometimes the road splits in one or more parts, the choice is yours which way to go. I seem to be on a love kick, so for your pleasure I present.

Traffic Jam

I found myself in a traffic jam.
Life happening all around me.
Not knowing who I am.
Made so many detours
To find my heart's desires
Only to be blocked once again
Or having to put out the fires
That my rash decisions made.

I needed a place to hide away
And catch my breath but then
I saw you down that crowded road
And had to try again.
Traffic jam be damned, said I
I'm going to find a way
To bring me faster to my goal
Love's no longer a game to play.

So I took out my map and plotted my course.
My destination was your heart.
I had to be different, truly unique
No longer playing a part.
When I let who I really am
Shine out above the crowd.
No longer one of the nameless masses
I stood alone and proud.

This time you saw me,
The traffic jam split.
To you, I found my way.
Love needs to be based on who you are
Both yesterday and today
If it's going to survive all the bumps
That life throws in our way.


  1. great needs to be based on who you are...too true. i know too many people that seel themselves as who they are not...only to find heartbreak when they are found out. happy tt!

  2. Such determination ought to pay off, ya think?

  3. Fine words. What a good Theme Thursday post.

  4. great poem and use of traffic as metaphor bravo!

    happy theme thursday

  5. Great post, a different road taken to 'traffic'! :)

  6. Think of the business opportunities for an entrepenuer with all that stand still traffic out there. You could run a mobile salon...just hook up a tub behind the drivers seat and 30 minutes later...all styled!

  7. Lovely words and metaphors!

  8. A beautiful piece of work! Happy TT!

  9. Awww so nice that you're through the jam and feeling the love!

  10. The traffic jam as a maze and a map. I love it! -Jayne

  11. Great Theme Thursday post! Loved the poem! :)

  12. "Traffic jam be damned, said I
    I'm going to find a way
    To bring me faster to my goal
    Love's no longer a game to play."

    I swear that you should write songs! That is very lyrical!