Thursday, August 20, 2009

In The Shadows

So many things exist in the shadows. Memories, people, enemies, friends, past lovers, childhoods, places. Shadows can also exist in the future, ideas not quite formed, a hint of things to come. I often find treasures in the shadows, things whose importance is obscured until brought into the light. I had surgery on my neck today, bringing up another kind of shadow, slipping in and out of consciousness, not knowing whether you really heard or saw what you think you did. For your enjoyment I present,

A Shadowy Touch

I put myself into the doctor's hands,
A surgeon trained and true.
He sent me into the shadow land,
A land of black and white hues.

A slip of the knife, a final caress,
And that's where I would stay.
That God would guide his hands,
Before he started, I prayed.

While I was in this limbo state,
An image came to me.
To bring me a wonderful sense of peace
And a sense of breathing free.

I woke up to a gentle touch,
A kiss, so soft and sweet.
But I couldn't see who was standing there
And I fell back to sleep.

When I was finally, truly awake,
I looked about to find
No one who matched the shadowy figure,
Whose touch stayed in my mind.

Must have been Jesus who let me know
That I was never alone.
And let me know when my time came,
He would see me safely home.


  1. sweet. glad everything went ok with the surgery...can be scary times for sure.

  2. Dreamhaven, nicely done! Wishing you a good recovery and sending some healing rays out to you :)

  3. Kris: of course He did. He was solid in His human form.

    Brian: thank you for your kind wishes.

    Subby: I feel those healing rays already. ty

  4. Would Muhammad be watching over you if you were Muslim?

    Would Vishnu be guiding the doctor's hand if you were Hindu?

  5. Each one according to their beliefs, CP.

  6. Nice post on "Shadow". I think you will the winner of thursday thrteen

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