Thursday, June 3, 2010

White,wrinkled, pets

I've been absent for awhile with computer problems and other things, so I thought I try to combine the last three TT's.

What would mankind be without pets? They can become your best friend, a sounding board, a way to meet other people. They have been proved to lower blood pressure, bring a way for some people to reach out beyond their emotional shell, give a purpose to life by caring for them.

Wrinkles. They can cause a lot of people anxiety about their looks but they can also be a badge of honor. Wrinkles can also be something that needs to be smoothed out, in clothing, in plans, in life.

White. A surface to be written on, a blank canvas waiting for that first stroke of a brush. White is often considered the color of purity and innocence, both in fables and in ceremonies. A white stallion, a white unicorn, or a white hat, symbolizing strength and purity of purpose.

So here I go again.

A Blessing in Disguise

Once my life seemed simple,
A wide road well traveled and straight
But you came along and twisted the page
Leaving me in the hands of fate.
I tried to smooth out the wrinkles,
The valleys and hills,
So I could once again find my way.
But all of my efforts did little
To change my direction,
My life remained dreary and grey.

I went for a walk to clear my mind,
To the forest, dark and deep.
Followed a trail that led to a glen
Where I laid down to sleep.
A warm breath caressed my face and I
Opened my eyes to find
A figure of most dazzling white,
A warm smile and eyes so kind.

She held in her hand a bundle of fur,
Or so it seemed to me.
"I bring you this gift to soothe your soul.
What will be, will be.

His name is Nomad and he will be
Loyal, strong and brave.
A wanderer as you've come to be,
To guide you on your way."
Then she vanished and I looked to find
A puppy in my grasp.
A smile that stretched from ear to ear,
A tail wagging quite fast.

I took him home and raised him up.
He was everything she sad he would be.
And in the end, it was him
Who led you here to me.
You saw us in a park one day
And came over to say hi.
Love hit us like a bolt
Of lightning from the sky.
So I thank my guardian angel
For the gift she gave that day.
A teasured friend and companion
And a love that never fades.


  1. guardian angels are good like that...smiles. happy tt!

  2. Nicely combined, I never thought of doing that on the rare occasion I've missed TT. Dogs are the best people. Dunno who said that but they're right.

  3. :-)
    what a happy serendipitous poem!

  4. What a wonderful and creative combination. Hitting so many themes at the same time is quite a challenge you set yourself. And you made it.