Thursday, June 10, 2010

Lollipop, Lollipop

Candy is often a gift of the heart (Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Christmas, anniversaries,Easter, etc.) It comes in so many delightful forms, limited only by the expertise of the artist. Bars, bricks,flowers, drops, flat, ribboned and even spun. What would a carnival or circus be without cotton candy, not the bagged stuff, but the one you watch be spun and twisted into an airy confection that disappears on your tongue. Candy is the dieters devil, luring you off that chocolate wagon to swim in a pool of dark velvety softness.


A nougat bar is a delight
A truffle melts like a dream
Solid bars of dark chocolate lines
The road to OZ for me .
Jawbreakers truly live up to their name.
The candy, round and hard,
Layers upon layers of sweetness
"Oh, where's that dentist's card?"

A young boy stands shyly with
A heart-shaped box in his hand.
Ready to give to his very first crush.
Isn't first love grand?

His first date made him nervous.
Flowers and chocolates held tight.
With trembling hands he gives them to her.
She was a beautiful sight.

"The flowers are lovely,
Please pin them on me.
But I hope you understand
That while I dearly love candy
I'm on a diet
And candy is contraband."
So he turned with a bow
To the mom standing there
And says "These are for you, my lady
A small gift from me to you
For allowing this date with your baby.

So I raise a cup of hot chocolate high
In salute to family and friends.
But don't get between me and my chocolate
If you value your life, my friend.


  1. used to love going to the corner candy store...all the glass containers of sweets...i'll stay away from your chocolate...smiles.

  2. Reading about all the sweet stuff makes me want chocolate. And it's only just 8am!

  3. Great poetic story telling. These TT's are fun.

  4. love the word lollipop,
    used to love these when I was little,
    cute story!

  5. Cool work but nougat...ugh!

    I missed ya last week and too busy this week to make th' rounds. Hopefully week next? HUGS :)

  6. Remember the song "Lollypop, Lollypop"?
    Thanks for visiting last week.

  7. Happy Belated Father's Day to Dads in your life...

  8. I like the dark kind. . . love your ode to Chocolate.