Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mama Kurata

I love hats. I have multiple cowboy hats, biker hats, a fedora. They can express your personality or be a part of a uniform. Police, firefighters, rangers, fast food workers, hunters and ballplayers all wears hats unique to their profession .

My favorite hats are the ones I create for the Japanese animation conventions I go to with my family. I love to dress up in costume but there aren't many characters that someone my age can play. Then along came Kodocha. Mama Kurata has a grade school daughter,Sana, who is a TV star . One day, Mama and Sana visited a pet shop. A crazy little ground squirrel jumped on Mama's head and refused to get off. So Maro-Chan comes home to be a part of the family. Mama is a succesful author with a crazy sense of humor and a very unique view on hats. This means I get to do something different with her hats each year. The Mad Hatter hasn't got anything on me.

I felt that the squirrel should have some of the fun.
Hat # 1, the squirrel is fishing.
Spending a day on the pond
Wondering, wishing
To catch the biggest fish that he can.

Hat #2, I thought he felt lonely.
So he married his one true love
In a Japanese style wedding
In my hat far above
The applauding guests.

Hat#3 Is a Star Wars sight.
To the future we go,
The Emperor to fight.
It's Darth Chipmunk against
Maro-Chan Skywalker
You see.
The outcome was certain.
It's Victory.

Hat#4 Is in tribute to
The Red Socks. They did it.
The Death of the Curse.
The World series was won!!
At last, we were first.

I'll explain the rest later, to work I must go.


  1. you truly have the most amazing hats...what fun!

  2. What a delightful post! I never get over your talent and creativity! Plus you are a VITAL part of the organization ;) You know what I mean, even if everyone else doesn't.

  3. Wow, I'm impressed. That's some collection. You're one talented lady.

  4. costumes are nice and cool like a princess.

  5. Although I've seen many of these hats "in person," so to speak, it's nice to see photos showing them along with the entire costumes.

  6. costumes are nice and cool like a princess.

  7. I'm off to another convention at Portcon in Portland Maine. Wish me luck