Thursday, January 7, 2010


Spinning, my head is spinning. Like a whirlpool, it never ends... I see polka dots before my eyes. Might be from New Year's Eve. How about this for a drink?

Auld Lange Syne (new version)

When old friends can't be forgot
Even with tequila and lime.
There's always time to try a few
Of a special drink of mine.
An ounce of Old Turkey and one of Blue Goose,
Captian Morgan's and aged brandy, sublime.
Served over the rocks and you won't care
Who sings Auld Lange Syne.

And all those pink elephants on parade
Have polka dots the color of wine.
They lead me straight to another drink.
I must have been out of my mind.
Now those polka dots swirl and dance
Till I'm so dizzy, I can't see.
I think I'll lay down on the floor
And enjoy my snoozes ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Warning : this is a drink I made up. I haven't tried it. Do so at your own risk,lol


  1. lol. i might just pass...or i might pass out. smiles. happy tt!

  2. Hmm... The Captain and some poultry. Might have to give it a shot.

  3. Hot tip Ms Dreamy . .stick to the same drink! No dots!

  4. Ha...yes, I'd say that would make you forget just about everything!

  5. i think i like the new version better than the original!