Thursday, January 28, 2010


Felt. Hmmm. could be a noun, or a verb, as in" I touched the felt of the pool table" or "I felt out of place" Impression can also be treated the same way--"did I make an impression on you?" or "I was really impressed by your generosity" . Not a lot to say about either so I'll just jump to my poetic side. I felt hopeful that it would make an impression on you.


I heard your heartbeat
For the very first time today.
It made such an impression on me,
I didn't know what to say.
The nurse put the speaker on
And I heard that rapid beat.
I was thrilled beyond words when I also felt
The kick of your baby feet.
A precious life resided there
Inside my warm dark womb.
Growing stronger everyday
Until you reach full bloom.
I called out to your daddy
So he could share my joy.
He was impressed by how strong you are.
His very first baby boy.
I felt his arms around me,
Surrounding us with his love.
A family made and blessed by God
Smiling down from heaven above.
I think if you listen carefuly,
A wonder you would find.
That our hearts all beat together,
Yours and his and mine.


  1. Beautiful take on the theme this week...

  2. I LOVE this poem--brings back so many memories of first ultrasound, etc. Ahhh.... in credible, majestic, miraculous.

  3. that was wonderful. i remember the first time i heard the ehart beat of each of my sweet!

  4. Oh wow! Way wonderful take on the theme Dreamhaven :) HUGS!

  5. Babies are much quieter on the inside.

  6. aw, that's sweet. Those days are long past for me.

  7. Betty there's nothing like the sound of that first heartbeat ..mine are 23 and 25 and I still remember it. Although nobody warns you about the need to pee when you have an ultrasound!