Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Let Us Break Bread Together

Bread. The staff of life. Also, another name for money (Man, do you have some bread?) might be something you'll hear at the Kewl Beanz (Don't miss the open house!!!). I googled "bread" and came up with a group of that name from the 70's. I found over 3000 different recipes for bread as well.

I remember the warm fragrant smell of fresh bread from the oven. My kids thought it was so great, with butter or homemade jam, that I would have to make at least two loaves so we would have one for later. We even made sourdough bread from starter that was passed from friend to friend, a chain letter of goodness. I really miss having the time to make things from scratch. We even tapped our maple trees and boiled down the sap to make syrup.

So, as always I submit a poem for your enjoyment.


I thought to make some bread today.
Warm fragrant goodness
To welcome them home
After a hard day.
To share with friends
Who bless my life
And give me a way
To rest from strife.

I thought to make some bread today
Rolling and pounding it
Is a way
To release my frustrations
That built up so high,
I thought I would blow
Clean up to the sky.
I slid them into the oven,
And tried to calm my racing thoughts.
The fragrance spread thoughout
The house
And brought me peace
As I breathed it in
And out.

I wander here and everywhere
But no matter where I roam.
The wonderful aroma of baking bread
Reminds me of past and home.


  1. Great post and greater poem. Loved the last paragraph!

  2. I'm with Ronda on this one. And I do work over at Shaw's, so get to smell the fresh baked bread ev'ry morn' :)

  3. love the poem...i remember making bread with mom...the smells bring it all back. nicely done.

  4. "Let Us Break Bread Together" is a hymn or something. It's in the back of my head but won't come to the fore. If anyone knows, please remark.

  5. Lovely always! I agree, there is nothing like that aroma!

  6. @California Girl. It is a hymn

    Let us break bread together
    On our knees.
    Let us break bread together
    On our knees.
    As we fall on our knees
    With our face to the rising sun,
    Oh Lord have mercy upon me.

    There are several more verses.

  7. You know, I'm not sure I have any memories of homemade baked bread.


  8. I love that hymn (and your poetry here). I remember singing that at my Grandmother's church.

    Fresh baked bread reminds me of her, too. That aroma conjures some wonderful memories from my childhood...

  9. Came here since I saw you name for theme week. I love this poem.. VERY SWEET.. like Bread.

    Betty Ann aka Ms. Hen

  10. Great poem! The aroma of baking bread is a powerful force.

  11. no memories of baked bread at home...but we have a big bakery downtown that emits a very lovely odor.

  12. Lovely poem. It does bring back memories of grandma baking in the kitchen.

  13. You nailed that one. Love the smell of baking bread. And I'm thrilled at the thought of actually tapping one's own maple sugar tree.

  14. Funny how baking bread conjurs up such great memories.