Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

Both a happy and sad day for me. I got to spend it with my children and grandchildren, while greatly missing my sister and mom, who died less than a year apart. These were my tributes to them

Dear Mom
You're home again,
In Daddy's arms
Dancing as you used to.
Your eyes aglow with love for him,
His smiling back at you.

Standing nearby is Aunt Pat and Sis
Waiting to take their turn
To welcome you to that special place
That God's prepared for you.

We who wait on earth below
Will miss you but we know
You're out of pain and flying free
Watching over us here below.

Say hello to all who are waiting there.
Sometime in the future we'll be
Joining all of you up there,
Flying high with spirit free.

Till we meet again, Mom.
I love you.



Sister of ours, Betty and Frank.
Angel in flight
Needing no light to guide her way.
Daughter to Shirley and Frank,
Released from this Earth,
Another light to show us the way.

Beloved of all,
Revered by her children Lori and Keith.
Eager to help when she could.
Never looking to serve only herself.
Now God has chosen to end her pain
And give her a new body, whole and good.
New angel waiting to soar.


  1. i know your heart may be heavy in memory but one day you will again see them, celebrate who they were and remember them to your kids...happy mothers day!

  2. That first Mother's Day without your mom is probably the hardest. The temptation's always there to buy that card & that gift, or get ready to visit and/or call, or to make plans.... Sympathizing and empathizing with both your losses this year.

  3. you have that so right. I know you miss your's too. God bless you