Saturday, March 5, 2011

A time to say goodby

Death. It may be the end of life but for those who believe, it is also the beginning. A passage to a new life, with friends and family waiting on the other side.
My mom passed away on Sunday, Feb. 27. My sister will have been gone a year tomorrow. Somehow, they both managed to let me know that they are ok. At the Christmas Eve service, we lit candles to celebrate the birth of Christ. When I tried to blow it out, it relit not once, but twice. I think my Aunt Pat was there too. When we had the luncheon after Mom's burial on Thursday, we had brought 2 vases of flowers from the service. I went back many hours later to pick them up and realized they were nearly dead because no one thought to replace the water in the vases. I brought them home and cut off the ends and placed them in water. They were a sad bunch of flowers. I got up this morning and they had all recovered, even the daisies. My personal reassurance that Mom arrived safely.
I wrote this at the wake on Tuesday

Dear Mom
You're home again, in Daddy's arms,
Dancing as you used to.
Your eyes aglow with love for him,
His smiling back at you.
Standing nearby is Aunt Pat and Sis
Waiting to take their turn
To welcome you to that special place
That God's prepared for you.
We who wait on earth below
Will miss you but we know
You're out of pain and flying free
Watching over us here below.
Say hello to all who are waiting there.
Sometime in the future we'll be
Joining all of you up there,
Flying high with spirit free.
Till we meet again, Mom.
I love you.


  1. ((hugs))

    sorry for your loss. my wifes mom died 2 years ago. it is a wonderful tribute you wrote.

  2. Thanks Brian. My friends help me so much in these important passages in life.