Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Love Story (With a Twist)

Castle. The very word conjours up visions of knights in shining armour, fair damsels waiting to be rescued, something that both protects and needs protection. A castle can be evil or good, reality or just "castles in the sky" dreams. They are frequently haunted by spirits both sad and dangerous, occasionally helpful and kind. This tale of mine will have 2 endings. Vote for your favorite.

I think that I shall never see
An edifice as elegant as thee.
Thy towers strong, built of stone.
Often on the blood and bones
Of those who dare attack thee.

A shy maiden waits for her lover's arms
To enfold her and keep her safe from harm.
Not daring to let her sire know
Of the one who waits for her below.
He's not worthy.

The daughter of the castle, fair.
Knows no else could ever compare
To the one who stole her heart away.
Who now rides forth, a dragon to slay
To win her fathers blessing.

To become a knight and win her hand,
A blazing light in this dark land.
To protect all that he holds dear,
He draws his sword and ventures near
The dragon.

His sword, a flashing whirl of steel.
He rushes, the dragon's life to steal.
A hideous roar, a flash of fire
Will not keep him from his hearts desire.
The maiden.

His victory was a hard-won thing.
The dragons head, the proof.
He raced his steed to meet the king
And the maiden on the roof.
His bride.

A happy ending to this tale,
The king doth make him knight.
And the two of them live happily
As man and wife.

And now the other ending comes.
The valiant knight doth fail
To slay the beast, himself is slain.
Now all doth weep and wail.

The maiden's heart burst with pain.
To her love she runs in haste.
"You shall not leave me here" she cried.
Up the tower stairs, she raced.
"I will join thee now in death,
Life holds no joy for me"
And flung herself from the rooftop high
Her love's soul to meet.

Now the two ghostly lovers tread
The castle's hall at night.
Happy at last to be together,
Their love a blazing light.
Sweet dreams.


  1. so, its a choose your own adventure...either way, they are together forever...sweet dreams. a very pleasant tt!

  2. I think you are quite a romantic, Betty. :o)

  3. Second ending. Definitely the second ending.

  4. Oh My what an ending! What made you think this one up? :)

  5. That was awesome! Dungeons and Dragons, meets Ghost!

  6. Uh oh!...wasn't expecting that ending!

  7. Oh, so Shakespeareian.... I do think, however it must be a lot harder than this for the groom to win over the father-in-law's heart! -J

  8. The second ending does remind me of Romeo and Juliet and I love it. But both endings are wonderful.

  9. Oh my. I can't imagine flinging oneself in the air from atop a castle tower. It's cold up there and windy. Wah!

    :D Entertaining poem Betty Fay!

    Here's my take on the theme: El Rey(jr) visita los castillos!

  10. Ah what a great ending! Happy Theme Thursday!

  11. Both are great, but I am in the mood for a happy ending today. :)

  12. I'll take the tragic ending, because I'm in a rotten mood today. (Picture Mr. Carlin on the old "Bob Newhart Show.")

  13. I like # 2. Great post and Happy TT.

  14. I usually hate things that end badly, but in this case, I really liked the second ending. Well done!

  15. Very Shakespearian...I loved it!


  16. Aww . . requieted love at last. Bit drastic tho! Funny isn't it, we think of castles as romantic when really they were cities within walls, mucky, cold, depressing and always ready for a fight.

  17. Second ending, definitely. They're together, but with a tragic twist. Happy Halloween... no, wait, I mean Happy Theme Thursday (a bit late, as I've been busy).