Thursday, November 19, 2009

If I Could Turn Back Time

My family could probably teach a course on being late. Doctor's appointments, partys, weddings, paying bills,making costumes for the anime conventions we attend (We frequently have to drag a sewing machine with us a well as patterns, glue guns and duct tape (a costumer's best friend).)all fall prey to Murphy's Law. No matter how many lists we make, appointments that go on calenders or we use our crystal ball, life, that nefarious stealer of time. gets in the way.

I enjoy a fantasy series called Xanth, by Piers Anthony. People in this land tend to have one magic talent, big or small, that those in Mundania (our side of the reality) would die or kill for.
One person could turn back time for just a minute. That talent alone could save a lot of heartbreak, since too late is often measured in seconds.

Procrastination is the perfection of lateness. Why do something now if it can be done tomorrow?
Why do something now if tomorrow will render it all unneccesary anyway?

Well, here I am, late again. I usually post this before work on Wednesday. So for your enjoyment:

If I Could Turn Back Time.

A minute here, a minute there
Surely couldn't matter.
If I am late for a date
Of course he will wait
Though he may be mad as a hatter.

It took a little longer
Than I had planned for.
My hair would not behave.
But he was gone when I came down.
I began to rant and rave

It must have been an emergency
That kept him from my side.
I grabbed my coat and
Rushed out the door.
Too late, he was down the drive.

It seems that I have cursed myself.
No matter how I try,
Something always seems
To get in my way
And makes the minutes fly.

I checked the cake, it was almost done.
I ran for the phone and then
I talked so long the cake was black.
Oh no, I'm late again.

I had a lottery ticket
I kept forgetting to check .
It was a winner,
I should have been richer.
But it had expired, oh heck.

So many things I would change,
If I could turn back time.
But one thing I'd never do.
I'd still miss that plane,
Though it made me insane,
Because that was how I met you.


  1. I believe I've perfected the art of procrastination. lol Great post!

  2. Sometimes being late can be a good thing. :)

  3. Being late is sometimes COMPLETELY unavoidable!!

  4. A different take of the theme. I enjoy the unique spin everyone takes.

  5. thought for a second there you were turning Cher on

    i have not read Xanth in forever...and incarnations of immortality...need to stop by my parents and pick up that box of books over the holiday.

    great take on theme...

    happy tt!

  6. It is a tricky thing, changing the past. Who knows what little, unimportant thing snowballed into something important! :)

  7. LOL!!! I had the same first thought as Brian! Enjoyed your very imaginative take on the subject! Happy TT!!!

  8. Somtimes we meet people in the worst situations that come to mean a lot to us. Lovely late post.

  9. Late? It's still Thursday! That's on-time to me. ;)

  10. I actually love to sing Cher's songs.
    One of these times I'll have to sing my post.
    Happy TT, all

  11. Piers Anthony? "Bio of a Space Tyrant" comes to mind( not a bad series but too repetitive )...and I've never burned a cake...toast? Well, of course, heh, heh...

    I'm back but still de-bugging my "new" PC. Email me, kiddo!

  12. Great job! But I am never late!! lol

  13. Well, you may have been late and it runs in your blood but we still checked in!

    "Procrastination is the perfection of lateness"--never thought of that. How very pointed indeed!

  14. Nah can't fiddle with time . . what will be will be.

  15. My own take on the theme: "The only thing that cannot successfully be put off until a later time is procrastination."

    Fun post. Thought I'd commented on it earlier.

  16. I Guess this means I'm EARLY for your friends post!!! Late is a relative thingy, no? I'll be back later today... -Jayne

  17. As I pointed out in a story I did over at my serious blog "A Tale of Words", think of those that didn't go in to work on time that fateful day of 9/11! Being late saved their lives...

  18. This is a theme close to my heart! And I've often thought of turning things back one minute...