Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Under This Roof

Just what is a roof? They come in all shapes and sizes, from the practical to the truly unique or just plain wierd. They keep out the weather (when they don't leak) and add the finishing touch to the exterior of the home. I tend to take a more personal view, so for your enjoyment I present " Under This Roof".

Under this roof
You will find
Love and laughter
And peace of mind.
A family made
Of lovers and friends
Parents and children
Souls on the mend.

Under this roof
There will always be
A place for you
Where you can be
Certain to find
Unconditional love,
A listening ear,
A place to bring
Your hopes and fears.

Under this roof
Life goes on ,
From birth to death,
From dusk to dawn.
A place to dream,
A place to grow,
From which you may
Eventually go.


Under this roof
There will always be
A place for you,
A place for me.
And all the love
That life can hold
A resting place
More precious than gold.


  1. Interesting. The "house" that exists under the roof could almost be interpreted as being a person, or that person's life, etc., in addition to the literal meaning.

  2. I love the sentiments as well as the pacing of this piece.

  3. beautiful words and the heart contained within them...happy tt!

  4. First time over here( how did I miss last week's? ). Glad I stopped in :) A truly warm poem here!

  5. Beautiful poem and great thoughts! That's exactly how I want my family to feel about our home.

  6. This would be very nice set to music!

  7. this was a nice change. thank you!

  8. Sounds like life under my roof . .I am blessed as are you!

  9. loved the poem--'souls on the mend' touched me. you are blessed-c

  10. On wednesdays, I started a thing called rhyming wednesday, you should play along!!! I love a good poem!

  11. Please, please join in with Otin on Wednesdays, you write such beautiful heartfelt poems. Thank goodness my IE is working and I can visit more TT's and it is not closing me down.

    Great poem, with so many thoughts of a home under a roof. Very much enjoyed.

    God bless.