Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Swing a Day

A Swing A Day

What part of childhood do most people recall? They want to relive the good times , with good friends. Swings are a very simple pleasure, not needing thought, just a little effort on your part (or a friend, or a lover) to send you soaring above the ground, always returning to a safe harbor. Unless, of course, you were more of a risk taker, letting go of the swing at the top of the arc, flying through space to land in triumph on your feet.

Soaring through space
With an effortless glide
I flew like a bird.
Not a care in the world
Going higher and higher.

Swifter and swifter,
Watching the sky,
I pumped harder and harder.
Not thinking, just being
Gossamer light.

Surrendering the chains
While at the top of my arc,
I flew into the air.
Never thinking about the
Ground far below.

Safely I landed.
With a victory cheer,
I raced back to the swing
Needing another
Grasp at the ring


  1. such fun. those were the days! knew a boy that could do a flip off the swings at the top of the arc. always figured i would crack my head. but boy would i fly...great post. happy TT!

  2. I was always afraid of jumping off. Always admired those kids that did. Thanks for the memory.

  3. I loved the double pump and jump off. Weeeeeeee.

  4. yea...loved doing that, never got hurt either.

  5. Love it, light and fun as a ride on the swing itself!

  6. Very nice. Glad to see that others are finding your blog.

  7. Me too. No one seemed to notice that I used
    the letters for swing to start each line of each verse,lol.

  8. Very clever, Dreamhaven. I loved to swing, but I never jumped off - and if I had it to do again, I suspect I'd still hang on.

  9. Funny. I did notice that the middle line of every verse began with the word "I", but not the S-W-I-N-G bit! Very clever!

  10. I think that if you had not pointed out about the starting with "Swing" at the beginning of each sentence, I too would have never noticed it. It even took me a few minutes to figure out where the Swing was, but thank goodness I did. I would have felt so dumb.

    Anyway, that was a great poem. I would also jump off and luckily never got hurt. If I did it now I would probably break so many bones that the doctors would have to replace everything. I think I will stay safe for now. I have enough things wrong.

    God bless.

  11. Many a skinned knee jumping off. But that was part of the fun then, wot? Nice poem :)

  12. Nice entry for the theme! Thank you!!!!