Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hark,how the bells

Bells are music to the ears of so many. From the tiniest bell on the jester's cap to the huge bells in the highest steeple, they ring out their message for all to hear. They can warn you, call you to supper or services, ring out in joy or in the pain of a nation's grief. They can help you find livestock or sing out their music on a breeze. My sister and I were in a bell group in the church we went to as children. What a unique and wonderful way to bring a sense of wonder to the music of the spheres. So once again, I present a poem for your enjoyment.


I heard a bell ringing today.
A message of joy,
Wanting to say
A baby has been born.
A child of a king
The succession secured.

I heard a bell ringing today.
A message of love,
Ringing to say
These two have been
For life this day.

I heard a bell ringing today.
A message of warning,
Of danger that comes
From land,sea or air.
We shall not succumb
To the terror
But turn to fight
They shall not succeed
In winning this night.
Victory is ours.

I heard a bell ringing today.
In sorrow and pain,
Our President has left
This life behind.
And once again
Our nation has lost
It's guiding light
To an assassin's

I heard a bell ringing today.
Telling me it's time
To start my day,
Whether it's for work
Or play.
I needs must get up
The piper to pay.


  1. very nice...always enjoy your poetry!

    And clang, clang...ring a bell for Barry today!

  2. all the different reasons and meanings behind the bell..nicely done. happy tt!

  3. Well done luv! I can especially relate to the last stanza...hugs :)

  4. Yep. Razzer-frazzer alarm clocks...!

  5. How well I relate to the last part of this! Well done and Happy TT!

  6. Very nicely done. I enjoyed your writing. Such wonderful things - bells.

  7. Hi, I do forget that a bells have different tones of their own, to inform, warn, to celebrate...
    Thanks for reminding me of the voices! -J

  8. I must live inthe wrong place. I hardly ever hear bells at all. Just our Cathedral . . .they ring out frequently during the day and it's quite a lovely sound over the city. although I suspect they're recorded and not really manually chimed.

  9. Yeah!!!...for you...

    "volverán las oscuras golondrinas..."...