Monday, May 11, 2009

Once upon a spider

We spin ourselves a web all through our lives. Just how tangled it gets depends on the choices we make. Do we stay, do we go, shall we lie or tell the truth? (or what we perceive as truth). Do we cause pain in the name of friendship because we care enough to see what they don't?. God set our basic pattern but the choice is ours what to weave into it, how we make it our own.
I like to spin colorful patterns, full of songs and life. Sometimes I try to fit other's patterns into mine, hoping for a joining of souls. But I have come to realize that that just isn't the way to go. I wind up losing myself sometimes in the attempt.
I would like to post my first poem in this site. My friend David (from the Lair of the Silver Fox) says that if I want feedback on my efforts, this is the best place to be.

A twist of fate

Life can be so strange at times.
You think you know someone, then you find
That you didn't know them at all.
One would think that years would
Be long enough
To get a glimpse into someone's soul.
That it was enough to build a life with.
But in an irony so sad
It's almost funny
That the person that you thought you had
Is someone else entirely.
Secrets held deep in their heart
Are threatening to tear you apart.
You want to be their love and
Support, but the love has changed.
Happenings from the long and
Recent past,
Not their fault,
But still it changes the very
Fabric of their identities.
So you stumble on
Hoping to find a way to continue
But in your heart,
It's ended.


  1. Good start! Try playing with the Theme Thursday crowd -- instructions at -- and see what develops!

  2. This I can( and many times have )relate to.

  3. Writing this was how I realized that the relationship I was in was no longer viable.
    Still a wonderful friend but we both needed something far different than what each could provide.